Business Analysis

As a business manager, I sometimes get into odd situations with product owners/CEOs who consider a very sloppy approach for software development especially when they have a great understanding of the respective market but have little or no knowledge of software development ins and outs.

Business Analyst

How Does A Business Analyst Contribute To Project Success?

Imagine working directly with dev teams who are always on toes to meet tight deadlines. Sometimes, it could be challenging to get developers involved in the initial phase of discussion with the client and therefore forging the need for such professionals who can get thoroughly involved in the project requirement gathering process.

Requirement Elicitation in Software Development

Why Requirement Elicitation in Software Development is Important?

What are the requirements, how you’ll elicit the requirement and why it is so important, this question comes in many variations but it’s answer is the same. This article contains all the details about this curiosity. Let’s explore below.