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The demands of today’s business are different; they need to be perfectly balanced from every perspective. The companies now seek fast paced reliable solutions in their technology initiatives towards building digital capabilities. Evidently, the IT professionals who can work as a fractional or full-time resource are among the widely demanded ones.

At Logiciel, we provide right-sized teams of skilled resources who can work with your team and bring the projects to finish line in a timely manner.

Staff Augmentation – A Brief Intro

IT Staff Augmentation refers to extending your IT team as per the demand. This comes with the benefits of outsourcing and hiring. It enables your company to get the most talented professionals for temporary or permanent positions that are hard to fill otherwise. It augments the capability and performance of your project to ensure its success. 

It is an outsourcing strategy to fill the gaps in your projects with a pool of talent

The motive is to meet the current business objectives with all the required skills. This is a great tool to handle the shortage of talent. IT Staff Augmentation helps to reach the goals faster and effectively. It speeds up your development process by retaining the efficacy of service. You can now hire better talent without jumping into the mess of the hiring process for your in-house team.

Attain Your Business Goals with our Talented Professionals

Every organization aims to keep the staff size minimum and It always starts with assigning the right task to the right team. From prototyping to full-scale development, application testing to deployments, maintenance to system upgrades, these entail a lot of effort and so its often challenging for companies to be ahead on all counts.

Your augmented staff will not only attend the meetings but also report to the managers about their regular updates. IT Staff Augmentation is a reliable and cost-effective way to increase your productivity by keeping the timeframe in mind. Our dedicated experts integrate with your existing workflow seamlessly to work with your staff as a team. Evidently, we usher with quality, creativity, and experience, thus enabling your business to beat the cutthroat competition.

Augment skilled IT Staff with Logiciel

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Achieve your goals with an off-shore collaborative approach to strategically maintain a balance between availability, expertise & experience.


Project Resourcing


Project Management

We help you manage the projects effectively with our dexterous CSMs, PMs & Analysts.


Software Developers

The lifeline of your Applications relies heavily on software developers. We equip your company with top notch professionals having expertise in a range of technology domains including Laravel, Python, React, Angular, Flutter etc and so on.


Cloud & DevOps

The Cloud platform ensures automated security, smooth functioning of applications, increased resources, and the use of fresh code. Our expert Devops professionals can do it all for your cause.


Ecommerce Projects

We create better security for the products and payments with the eCommerce projects. Well aware of the required support, Our professionals work to shine with their best performance.


When to consider Staff Augmentation?

Get away with your outsourcing and staffing hassles

Our Technology leaders help you with:

  • Devising best strategies and recommendations to meet your business requirements
  • Sourcing experienced resources with the right expertise like solution architects, developers, managers and more
  • Putting together a team of software and management professionals that cater to your project demands
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From short-term staff augmentation to long-term project requirements, we understand the IT projects and resources. We are here with the experienced resources and knowledge to simplify your outsourcing needs.