Software Development Consulting

Do you want to have software for your business but are unsure about the technologies you can rely on? Are you looking for a consulting partner to help you find the right solution for your business problem? As a software consulting agency, Logiciel offers expertise built over 13 years of proven experience in delivering successful software products and services. We will not only give you the apt technological solution but also help save your time that you can invest for other important business functions.

Software Consulting Firm

Software Consulting to Drive Business Growth

A software development project requires the business owners to carry out proper planning and invest considerable time. We drive a result-oriented approach and start with the technical guidance that we offer to our clients across various industries.

We aim to maximize the ROI of your business via proper planning, sound project execution and apt management. We focus on strengthening your on-going software development projects and also start any new one with equal zeal and zest.

What is Your Preference For Software Consulting?

Startup Level Software Consulting

Startup Level Consulting

Our software consulting service for startups ensures a smooth run in the market. We assist them optimize the operational costs, time, and plans. Through our efforts, we aim at streamlining the processes, complying with the standards, and simplifying the burden to steer your way to success.

Enterprise-Level Software Consulting

Enterprise-Level Consulting

We help enterprises with adept software consultation to enroot their performance in the market and increase their market reach. We help to define the software technologies, design, timescale, and estimation carefully. We also make sure that the software adheres to the requisite compliance and security requirements.

Dedicated Consulting

SaaS Consulting

SaaS Consulting

CRM Consulting

CRM Consulting

Ecommerce Consulting

Ecommerce Consulting

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Consulting

Data Analytics Consulting

Data Analytics Consulting

Helping Businesses in their Digital Initiatives

As a team of experts, we aim to understand your goals, identify areas of opportunities and recommend an innovative solution that contributes to the overall business success.

Digital Transformation

The workflow digitization and enterprise integration creates a digital transformation for the business thereby boosting the ROI and operational efficiency.

Application Development

Our technological experts create customized app solutions to add more efficiency to the performance, mitigate cost, reduce time and increase RoI.

Channel Extension

We ensure your business presence on several platforms almost anytime and anywhere by introducing your business to mobile and social technologies.

Software Product Development

Cloud-based or SaaS-based products are giving a great opportunity to deal with the increased competition in the market. We help you to build your own products with success.

DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps professionals help streamline delivery updates and enable better collaboration amongst development and testing engineers.

Let’s Start

Through our custom software consulting solutions, we come up with next generation software applications to take your business to heights. We provide capable business consultations and suggest the best software that could save time and investment for your business. With us to back your IT endeavors, you do not need to swamp your ideas and thoughts to indulge your consultation requirements. We accelerate your business by keeping all the technological aspects in mind.

Indeed, well-researched software advice can do a lot for your business and this is what we do to help you here. Our experts draft a plan to determine your goal and path to attain the same.

The Stages of Software Consulting

Whether you begin from the scratch or have an existing system, our experts can assist you at every stage –


We perform penetrating research keeping in mind the business goals, we create a solid roadmap that would ensure competitive advantage for you. Our team also provides industry specific training to your professionals so that you could face and overcome the industry related challenges with ease.


We assist enterprises to diversify their existing ventures in the wake of defying the complexities arising in the market. Our technically sound experts evaluate the growth points, financial capabilities and operational points of your business to recommend the most proliferating solutions.


We provide open-ended services to elevate the overall performance. We work to establish a profound bond with enterprises that could last longer. In the run, we equip them with technologically sound, innovative and advanced solutions that lead to enhanced infrastructure development.

Our Software Consulting Approach

Our result-oriented approach holds the key toward equipping the clients with the trustworthy and fully functional software solutions. Our IT consulting services extend numerous offerings to our clients.

Software Consulting Approach

Grasping the Idea

An effective communication can bring out the real ideas and requirements. Hence, we pay heed to your ideas, vision and business requirements to suggest the best solution accordingly.

Problem Scoping

We identify the particular IT challenges and user expectations to know the scope of problems. Our software consulting company also performs user interviews to find out the major challenges they are facing and their expectations. This gives us a better insight into your project and we can devise a foolproof strategy accordingly.

Technology Sessions

We create sessions to find out the actual standing of your business with respect to the ground requirements. Our professionals indulge in intense sessions of brainstorming to satisfy the requisite expectations of your users accordingly.

Resource deployment for success

Depending on the outcome of the technology sessions with the clients, we implement the best of our technical resources to add productivity to your project. No wonder, better clarity leads to more success.