Legacy App Modernization

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Empower your underperforming legacy system with state-of-the-art tools & technologies to align your business processes better with current market needs.

Get Enhanced Business Agility & Efficiency with Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization refers to the process where you can retain and extend the value of your legacy system with modern tech stack, API integrations, and architectures like microservices and prepare your business to get into the evolving digital age at a much faster pace.

As more flexible, high-functional, and low-cost systems are entering the market every other day, it becomes really challenging for the already established organizations to stay competitive in such a fast-growing market with their legacy systems. Here, they need to adopt a solution that helps them embrace the market changes quickly but, without placing their existing business functions at risk.

Legacy Modernization is the best solution for these critical scenarios. In Logiciel, we ensure flawless business continuity to our partners irrespective of the changing digital landscape with our customized modernization services.

  • Provide security regulations in existing processes
  • Take-up new technologies
  • Leverage APIs to foster scalability to your legacy system.
Efficiency with Legacy Modernization

Disadvantages of Legacy Application

Since legacy systems are being operated for decades and are mostly updated with past-generation technologies or methodologies, it is obvious that they will not meet the current business standards and will hold you back from embracing advanced business opportunities. All this will directly impact your customer experience and brand value. Some other reasons to consider Legacy Modernization are:


Costly Maintenance

Legacy applications need quite a huge amount of money, time, and labor for maintenance. Once an error evolves in the application, it becomes a really tedious and time-consuming process for the developers to find the code built of that particular bug from the outdated code source of the app. Due to the increased level of complexity, their maintenance cost is usually high.


Security Issues

Security is among the major drawbacks of legacy applications. These apps are developed with old tools and methodologies that don’t actually work well with modern security practices; thus, their server remains highly vulnerable to cyber threats and security risks.



The digital landscape is evolving and expanding drastically and influencing more businesses to adapt to different transformation initiatives to stay competitive. Companies with legacy systems find it difficult to embrace these changes due to the technology limitation hence, they lag behind their competitors.


Poor Customer Experience

Your legacy app might be functioning well for your limited and specific business requirements but as soon as you will grow and expand your services or features, it will start causing you great trouble with system errors, slow loading, frequent downtime, etc. All this will ultimately lead you to deliver a poor customer experience.

Replacing Legacy Software

If you are among the organizations that are struggling with the complexity of legacy software, then here we have a team of experienced engineers for you. These professionals will advance your legacy applications and help you to stay competitive and pivot with evolving industry requirements easily while enhancing your business efficiency with advanced technology.

Metamorphic Approach

At Logiciel, we pick the metamorphic approach to legacy software migration. Instead of plugging out the entire old system and replacing it with a new one, we replace one component at a time and for that, we start with the most problematic one. It helps you to prevent disruption by minimizing your business’s offline time.

Preserving Data

In legacy systems, businesses generally have a lot of information and data saved in the system, thus, replacing legacy systems with new software becomes a very delicate process. In this critical procedure, our team works with a strategic approach that helps you to preserve your business data and keep your important information safe while the advancement of your legacy app.

Progressive Technology

Unlike your outdated legacy software, the development of our new system uses the latest technology that is designed especially for your organization and merges with other software, and is capable enough to evolve with your business.

Businesses could face various usability and security related issues in their legacy systems as they are not integrated with advanced systems and it may cause them to lose their brand reputation in severe scenarios. Advancing your legacy app with cutting-edge technologies and practices, we make sure that it is backed with latest security standards and functioning well in modern environments.

User-Friendly Experience

Legacy application modernization provides users with an intuitive experience that works as a key component for both customer and employee satisfaction along with general productivity. By creating attractive interfaces we allow end-users to have a more comfortable and convenient experience with your app.

Full System Integration

The most common issue with most legacy application systems is Redundancy, especially for a business that offers different components working together for the firm. To resolve this issue our team works to replace your system along with eliminating that redundancy. They run each component of one database to reduce the risk of errors that come along with employees managing data on different platforms.

Complete focus on Business Results

While working on replacing the legacy software system, our business advisers and software developers work together with your team of experts to understand your business goals and procedures and then create a sophisticated solution to meet your outcome and desired target.

Legacy Application Modernization Services

Migration Assessment

At Logiciel, we closely monitor the performance and configuration of all the running servers and analyze the data of your organization. We also provide you with opinions on moving workload and assist you to make important migration decisions.

Redesigning platform

Our team helps you to move your database from an outdated application to the cloud with ease without affecting its working system. Along with this, we also re-platform an application to increase its capability to deal in its real-world environment.

Solution re-engineering

Our work is to do a complete assessment, evaluation, and modification of your currently running application and then rebuild it with reverse engineering.

Facilitate your business process and automation

With our legacy modernization service, we facilitate your business to get better productivity by automating the repetitive and time-consuming process with custom-made Business Process Automation solutions.

Desktop to the web or mobile applications

Our engineering team lets you enjoy the latest technology for your business by transferring your enterprise application to the latest platforms with modern JavaScript libraries to access the modern tools. We also provide you with an optimal user experience.

Legacy to Cloud Migration

Effectively and easily move your data, app, or IT infrastructure to a secured cloud to gain more scalability, flexibility, security, and cross-platform compatibility with our dynamic legacy app modernization solutions.

We also assist you in cloud infrastructure selection and cloud migration KPIs implementation that lead you to take maximum advantage of the cloud capabilities.

Things to Look at While Replacing a Legacy System

The team of our expert engineers provides the best software systems that are inherent with modern tools and technologies that make your business more efficient and competent in a real-world environment.

Identify Gaps

Just find out the gap between the tasks your old software is doing currently and the actual task to be done at present and in the future.

Current Capacity

The next thing you need to consider in this system is to check the real-time capability of the software and its ability to work on other modern devices like mobile or web.

On-going Problems

Check for the current issues that you are facing with your running software, as legacy software systems generally have no testing, applications depending on old-running frameworks, and erecting code that might not suit your business needs.

Your Needs

You need to check your investment capability before going for legacy system replacement because besides its tempting quality and result-making performance, it requires a huge upfront investment.

Make the Best Suitable Decision

After assessing your business needs, now it’s time for you to decide between partial and entire replacement of the legacy system.