Software Product Engineering

Our software solutions empower our partners to accelerate their digital journeys and get significant results in the long run. The team of diligent professionals we have at Logiciel strives to deliver you the most customized and reliable software solutions. Our experts combine fast product evolution with stability for better self-managed performance. You can now enjoy the advancement in your business niche through efficient and customized services.

Software Product Development Services

Why You Must Start With Our Software Product Development Services

Web and mobile apps have become the lifeline of people around the world and businesses leverage this opportunity to thrive in the changing market requirements. Our robust software solutions provide simple resolutions to your complex business problems. 

A large number of projects often fail due to the lack of software performance. Putting forth systematic steps is hence essential for the success of the overall software product development process. A high-quality product is all about perfect planning and strategies. Evidently, we structure, plan, monitor, and control the entire development process. Our developers follow the highly collaborative approach to develop each software product to benefit the clients. We adhere to the most effective architecture and technology standards to fulfil the clients’ requirements with optimum quality. Our strength lies in adapting to the changing business environment.       

Similar to many other technical processes, software product development also has some challenges to tackle.

End to End Product Development

The process begins from the product designing and continues till modernization. We ensure that it meets the appropriate target model with a critical end-to-end product solution. 

Time and Cost

The new product creation and regulatory changes implementation include both time and cost. We ensure to utilize them in a balanced manner.

Changing Market Landscape

To meet the perpetually evolving industry trends and growing requirements of your business, we make sure your software is as scalable as possible.

Product Development Processes from Ideation to Market Introduction

The digital world is evolving every day. A plethora of advanced versions of tools and techniques is brilliantly offering the solutions. All you need is a trustworthy product development partner that can deliver the best for your business. We care to let our product development endeavours pass through different stages from idea to design to its market introduction. This enables us to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with clients in an agile environment. 

If our existing software solutions do not abide by your specific business requirements, we come up with a custom software product developed as per your valuable inputs and suggestions.  Our expertise in bespoke software development helps us to deliver excellent solutions well within the committed timeline. Even if it is the most intricate requirement, you can trust us to develop an ideal and reliable software for the same.

Our Software Development Products


How Do We Work?

We actively participate in the Conceptualization, Design and Engineering and Implementation of a software product. To get better product quality, clear responsibilities, better communication and resources, and quick identification, we have an enthusiastic team of performers. We perform a detailed study of all the product development phases, which leads us to better product development. Furthermore, we believe quality is one of the most important elements that helps in gaining customer’s trust, hence, Quality Assurance becomes crucial in the overall process.

There is a need to understand the terms and problem statement. Here is how we do it.

  • Extract the key requirements and then conceptualize that accordingly.
  • Formulate the concept and find the scope of the project to give it a design.
  • Try to understand the key elements and ideas to take the gist out of it.
  • The purpose of the product architecture is to accommodate every requirement, to address it whenever required.

This is high time to design and develop the required product from all the technical resources. This helps in successful product development followed by its testing and certification. During this phase, we:

  • Break down the requirements and then estimate the required timeline and efforts for the same.
  • Choose the specific design as well as the efficient workflow for the applications.
  • Maintaining the specification of documents and the coding standards to deliver a reliable product helps customers accomplish their business goals.
  • Ensure quality by bug fixing, system testing, and test report generation.
  • Perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before approving an application for final implementation.

During this stage, we:

  • Ensure to streamline all the software development processes.
  • Perform all the required tests to make it error-free and flawless.
  • Make sure that your product meets the new market needs.

Software Products and the Globalization of

Software Development Team

We aim to take software product development to the next level where we treat the globe as one market. The future seems quite appealing as we use advanced communication tools. Our purpose is to facilitate more and more clients all over the world with the inclusion of a multitude of software development, designing, and testing practices. 

Software Product Development Methodologies

Software Product Development Methodologies

The method for product development depends largely on the requirements of the work and the project. Each method offers its own set of benefits to improve process efficiency. Continuous iteration stands for enhanced scalability and minimized risk. We leverage the following methodologies to suit your business requirements –
  • Agile Methodology
  • SCRUM Methodology

Other Models Include:

  • Prototyping Model
  • Spiral Model
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Iterative Model
  • Rational Unified Process Model

Product Engineering Services

We deliver conventional, client-centric, and user friendly business solutions that enable our clients to automate their processes in the wake of maximizing gains. Our ultimate product engineering expertise includes:

Business Analysis

We analyse every application for its business motive to assign the requisite resources, perform risk evaluation and project estimation.

UI/UX Design

Excellent User Interface and Intuitive User Experience are the two integral traits of an ideal application in the modern IT world. We work honestly on both, to give you a settled market edge.

Product Customization

We focus our product engineering services as per the specific business goals of the client. In the run, we come up with customized products that could help rake in enhanced ROI.

QA & Testing

Our software testing and quality assurance experts help our clients to make the most of a reliable, user-friendly, functional and completely secure software solution.


Our DevOps team aims at boosting the quality, speed and productivity of the client’s application. In the run, they automate, optimize, and orchestrate the products.

Support & Maintenance

We produce complete support and maintenance solutions to our clients to keep their applications upgraded and error free.

Product Engineering Expertise

Adept expertise in product engineering enables our clients to gain a cutting edge in their business domain.


Mobile App Development

With the growing trend of mobile devices, the need to develop responsive mobile apps has become inevitable. Our apps work perfectly in all the prevalent mobile OS. Through our technology sound mobile apps, we help our clients to reach a bigger and better audience segment.


Web App Development

We pay detailed attention to every requirement of a web application in order to deliver device and browser compatible solutions. Our web applications ensure efficient, flexible and user-friendly experience.


Cloud Solution Development

Our experts develop capable cloud solutions with the aim to ensure cost optimization, better time to market, enhanced competitiveness. Our Digital Transformation offerings intend to add strength to our clients’ business solutions.


Data Analytics

We excel in the delivery of end-to-end data analytics solutions to clients representing varied size and verticals. Our in-depth proficiency in this field helps us to devise solutions that could enable our clients to analyse the continuously increasing data volumes