7 Effective Ways Staff Augmentation can Benefit Your Business

Staff augmentation is a process that involves placing an additional member of staff into your team. It’s often used by business owners to address gaps in their staff that prevent them from achieving the best possible performance. Here are the top 7 effective ways of staff augmentation that can benefit your business.

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September 3, 2021

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing model and advanced technique that evaluates your in-house resources, determines what additional skills are needed for project accomplishment and fills that gap with skilled professionals on specified or flexible terms and conditions.

Statista report says, where before the outbreak of Coronavirus the global outsourcing market in 2019 was $ 92.5 billion, the size of the IT staff augmentation market increased to $ 132.9 billion right after the pandemic.

Let’s understand it with an example of a case study

Business Requirement

XYZ needs to enlarge its service offerings leveraging the new networking technology in order to uplift the service quality and remain competitive in the industry market.

The company found itself short on staff to accomplish this goal as additional networking staff like managers, network and software engineers, was required. This is what prompted XYZ to get assistance from outside but they didn’t want to lose control over management.

Why Staff Augmentation

Here this popular outsourcing strategy – staff augmentation helped XYZ to collaborate with the professional managers and network engineers while giving them the control over project direction and progress.

The staff augmentation partner firm of XYZ collected all the needed profile details from them and started the Interview process to find the best fits for all the provided roles. They didn’t take much time for the recruitment process and quickly enabled XYZ to find the best project-specific resources.


These newly hired professionals quickly understood the requirements and started performing a range of tasks such as networking, cabling, developing, warehouse operations to equipping circuits. The only major challenge was time, all these tasks were time critical tasks and needed more time to provide expected results.


The augmented staff was highly skilled, experienced, and motivated to solve all the challenges within the given time period hence, XYZ was able to launch its new services on time. With this successful launch XYZ is now able to leverage the latest network technology and sustain its competitive advantage.

Even after having a great tech and marketing elite, If you keep hitting the same roadblocks, you need to understand that your staff is somewhere missing the key skills required to complete the project and staff augmentation is what you need to include in your strategy.

Doing so will enable you to fill the skill gaps of your in-house teams and accelerate their overall potential. While ensuring a streamlined workflow, staff augmentation can benefit your business in several different ways:

Several Benefits of IT Staffing

Access to a Larger Talent Pool

In today’s competitive world, the market competition is global and businesses have competition with companies across the world. So, why limited to the local professionals? when you can collaborate with global masters who are skilled and expertised in the most in-demand tools and technologies.

Yes, the topmost benefit of Staff Augmentation is, It provides access to a much larger talent pool available worldwide. Recruiting across multiple countries enables you to select professionals who suit your project requirements the best from a larger list of potential candidates.

The strategies these professionals bring to the floor are advanced and beneficial because their work experience has not been static, they have worked on various complicated projects from different industries and have up-to-the-minute details about all the new market trends and technologies.

Their intensive knowledge comes with their experience and huge exposure to the latest market scenarios. With such superior domain expertise they can actually start adding value to your business processes right away.

Flexibility in the Workforce

Workforce flexibility is one of the foremost advantages, Staff augmentation has to offer because it directly impacts the cost of hiring. A flexible workforce is a group of temporarily hired professionals that work for you for a specific purpose and fixed duration.

Basically, it refers to a workforce that could grow and shrink as per the business needs. Where permanent in-house recruitment may restrict your ability to leverage new talent, staff augmentation sets you free to pick up the best people based on your ongoing project needs.

Staff augmentation is usually a project based hiring so, there is no long term commitment you have with these professionals as you have with full time in-house employees and no other benefits too, like Insurance and Medical benefits.

As staff augmentation only involves one time deep effort that is for identifying a reliable technology partner, It prevents you from incurring extra expenses that go into hiring, supporting, and maintaining the full-time workers while complementing your in-house workforce.

With an augmented workforce, you would have more staff on hand that will work for you as long as your business needs without the financial commitment of permanent hiring.

Smooth Functioning of Operations

The skill specific talent staff augmentation brings to you, provides your business an edge over all the competitive brands by improving your operational framework. Such extended professionals mostly have domain-centric expertised that makes them absolutely accountable to your company and the management.

With great exposure to advanced tools and technologies, augmented staff starts adding value to your internal teams right from the beginning without any onboarding or training and ensures optimal uptime with smooth operation. Improved operational efficiency helps you save lots of time on development and time-to-market.

In this ever changing digital landscape where more and more technologies are entering the market and reshaping the business models almost every other year, it gets difficult for the companies to develop that level of expertise in-house in such a short time frame.

On the other side the augmented staff professionals are more focused to adapt to the changes and develop their skills’ criteria as per the latest digital trends hence, It becomes quite easier for them to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology Landscape.

Another plus point for them is, their job profile is like that they get to work on a variety of projects in a short span of time which gives them a good exposure to the latest technologies quite quickly than the permanent employees who are less likely to get opportunities to work on new technologies hence not able to adapt to the changes.

Empowering In-house Teams

Even if you think you have enough internal employees to manage your day to day tasks, you might consider augmented staff, especially for complex projects that need special skills. In such cases extending an internal team is not an ideal solution because you don’t know the highly required skill for this ongoing project will be required later or not.

Here, the smart move is going for an augmented staff. It will not just relieve your in-house workers from extra burden but will also help your own managers to learn from the masters who have more exposure to the changing market landscape and have worked on numerous challenging projects across different industries.

With no doubt, we can say staff augmentation unveils new avenues for the businesses looking for expansion and adaptation to meet the rapidly changing demand of the market using project-specific workforce.

The 2020 report by Statista shows $ 15 billion in 2019 for Worldwide spending in the outsourcing industry’s recruitment process, which later reached $ 18 billion in 2020. Furthermore, IT outsourcing’s market size is expected to reach $ 413.7 billion by the end of 2021. The growing graph shows its popularity clearly and the bright scopes too.

Bringing New Ideas to the Table

Since you will have access to a larger talent pool hired across the world, the additional benefit is, you get to have plenty of contemporary worldviews that will for sure drive innovation in your business. Having a permanent workforce is good for several reasons but, sometimes It could result in a stagnation of ideas and opinions that may not meet the emerging needs of your business.

As your business grows it calls out for new and unconventional development and marketing approaches to deliver the result you expect in modern times. Having an augmented staff could get you several outlooks of a diverse set of market experts and help you nourish your business plans with innovative strategies.

An Upperhand in Management

Unlike entire project outsourcing, staff augmentation enables you to retain control over your work and management. It means while the extended team of professionals works for you, the management still remains in your hand and you can make all the necessary changes.

With such sustained control over management, staff augmentation let’s you be in-charge of the overall process and taking the final call. These professionals do provide best suggestions but ultimately deliver services as per your preferences and convenience.

Cost Effective

Among all the other benefits, the key advantage of staff augmentation is cost-effectiveness. Since experienced professionals are hired on a temporary basis, the company could save costs for a long term full-time employee, for example expense on monthly salaries, onboarding, bonus, taxes, medical, training, and overall management.

Enabling businesses to pay only for the talent during a fixed time period, staff augmentation also empowers them to enhance their market reach and business scopes with their extended potential of the workforce in a way that is cost-effective.

The two major ways staff augmentation proves itself cost effective are:

  • Businesses get access to a larger talent pool at the fraction of a cost of traditional permanent hiring.
  • These professionals lead the businesses to a higher position in respect of their competitors that lack to have such flexible talent.


Since staff augmentation entails flexibility in the workforce, it has gained huge popularity among modern businesses after the recruitment model. Companies leverage the capabilities of these professionals with extreme potential and experience in an effective manner to get competitive advantage and a nice hold over the rapidly growing technology landscape. It could be a good alternative to keep operational continuity of any business while high employee turnover or when additional skills are required to accomplish a project.

Saraswati Pundir

Senior Content Writer

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