Our Work

At Logiciel Solutions, we have worked with different sizes of customers: from startups to enterprise. Here are the few glimpses of our featured works done recently.


JobProgress is an ALL-IN-ONE "Run your Business" Business Management SAAS Application for ALL CONTRACTORS with very powerful & intelligent, yet easy-to-use APP to generate unparalleled results enabling contractors to control, organize and manage their business from anywhere, at anytime.

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US PowerPlant

A SAAS-based Analytical Application that serves as a very powerful MIS application to various power-sector organizations by fetches data of all USA power plants varying from small scale to large scale, for analyzing the statistics of consumption/revenue/sales of all power plants & intelligent reporting using Geographical Information System as visual interface.

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A Mobile App created to have seamless handshake between homeowners with roofing requirements & roofing contractors in US & Canada.

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A Facebook Campaign Management Solution through SAAS Application for advertising organizations to handle & manage their Facebook marketing campaigns with ultra ease.

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Go Sociall

All the social platforms like FB, Twitter, Insta etc. are brought at one place to let your post go over different social platforms in one go through common interface. It allows one to post and make the updates reach on their social networks in a single click.

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App Install Media

Lo88o, a French Startup, is a subscription-based advertisement management application for advertisers to smartly manage & post their video ads as per the taste of their users, by finding out the preferences of their users through its intelligent algorithms.

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