Lo88o, a French Startup, is a subscription-based advertisement management application for advertisers to smartly manage & post their video ads as per the taste of their users, by finding out the preferences of their users through its intelligent algorithms.

The Work

Lo88o, a French startup, was looking for a self-service as well as third party ad provider platform to enable its clients (Advertisers) to advertise their app and measure the performance of any active campaign (Video Ads) in terms of Impressions, clicks, like, dislike, In-app purchase (IAP) etc.


  • Ad network is based on the mobile ad monetization model. Intention of this app was to make app discovery easy.
  • The main challenge was to show the video ads fit for every mobile screen.
  • To make delivery of ads to most suitable user so that advertiser can get his target audience.
  • Meeting the requirements like delivering the ads to most suitable user without let user bored.

Key Features

For Delivering the ads to the most suitable audience, we created a suggestion algorithms by training it for all possible cases so that every time user gets an ad based on his preference.


We created a web application for distributing the ads, where any advertiser who wants to advertise his/her ads can purchase subscription and post his ads. Ads served on mobile apps who are partner of this service.

Client Feedback

I have really enjoyed working with Ajay and his team. Very proactive. Very sincere and accountable. Highly organised. Excellent technical skills. Focused on identifying and solving problems for their clients.

Alistair Douglas Founder- Lo88o LLC