A Mobile App created to have seamless handshake between homeowners with roofing requirements & roofing contractors in US & Canada.

The Work

The idea was to develop a mobile platform for Home Owners & Roofing Contractors, wherein homeowners could post their requirements and select the roofing contractor based upon the bids & contractors' profiles thus making lives simpler for both parties.


  • Non-tech Saavy Audience: The challenge is to design an application which is self-explanatory.
  • Roof Measurement: The task of roof measurement was posing a glitch in success of the application, which needed to be made faster/automatic.
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Key Features

Automated Roof Measurement

Partnering with EagleView Technology, which sets the standards in aerial measurements, ERoofPro provides a Free EagleView which saves great time by providing accurate roof measurements.

Intuitive App

An intuitive & easy-to-use mobile app is another key feature that has brought better acceptance from both type of users.


It’s a win-win platform that caters to and connects two types of users: the Home Owner and the Roofing Contractor. The number of potential leads has surprisingly increased for the roofing contractors, thus making their business a bigger success.

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Key Screens

Client Feedback

This agency is able to troubleshoot and solves all work related problems quickly and efficiently. Never misses work without prior approval and appropriate notification. Their Managers and technical guys adapted to new systems and processes well and seeks out training to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities. Highly recommended.

Steve Rossics Partner, Russo Gutters, LLC