A SAAS-based Analytical Application that serves as a very powerful MIS application to various power-sector organizations by fetches data of all USA power plants varying from small scale to large scale, for analyzing the statistics of consumption/revenue/sales of all power plants & intelligent reporting using Geographical Information System as visual interface.

The Work

To Create an intelligent, analytical, data-driven tool for power-sector & allied industry, which could easily & quickly analyze the bulk power-sector data & generate meaningful information mapped in geographical information UI, required to make power-sector business more relevant, cost-effective & thus more profitable.


  • Big Data Handling: Huge bulk of data regarding the consumption/revenue/sales of all power plants of US, to the tune of Tera Bytes was to be fetched/stored/managed.
  • Limited Resources/Cost Effective Solution: While handling such data, the resources have to kept at minimum utilization, in order to make the solution cost effective.
  • Different Reports of different user: Different types of users from power-sector & allied industry had different types of reporting requirement. So, to provide the same interface for reporting was a challenge.
  • Smart Reports through Geographical Mapping: A very High-end, easy to handle, Intelligent Graphics Interface with capability of geographical mapping was an important requirement of the project.

Key Features

Intelligent APIs to handle Big Data

This application carries intelligent APIs through which the process of fetching/shaping/storing & managing of such a huge bulk of data, has been automated with minimum human intervention.

Customizable Reporting System

The application provides a customizable reporting system that could easily fit to the reporting requirements of the different types of the client organization.

Smart Reports

Powerful Visual Interface is another key feature of this application, which is accomplished by implementation of GIS Mapping & High-charts for GUI Reporting.


The highly intelligent & powerful system is on its completion stage, almost ready to serve to the analytical & reporting needs of power industry.

Key Screens

Client Feedback

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