Flourish Your Business With Better Cloud Management

Our cloud infrastructure helps you in cost management, quality assurance, and business scalability.

Cloud Services

We combine solid infrastructure choices and multi-cloud tools to manage and optimize your cloud migration from local servers to online servers more effectively and securely.

Cloud Optimization & Management

Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep the system up and running in the cloud due to several technical reasons like undocumented changes and degraded security hence, cloud management and optimization become an extremely critical aspect to ensure the seamless functioning of your cloud.

To optimize cloud efficiency, we assess your environment, identify security gaps, and offer tailored recommendations. We enhance control, streamline operations, and reduce costs for improved performance.

Cloud Optimization & Management Services

Whether you want to migrate to the cloud or you already have done that and need to optimize and manage your cloud environments, our cloud optimization & management solutions can enable you with the best capabilities to perform these tasks more effectively. 
Cloud Migration


Multi Cloud Management
Cloud Security & Compliance
Cloud Security &
Business Continuity Planning
Continuity Planning

PWAs – An Emerging & Extremely Popular Trend in Web Development

With the power of modern web APIs, Progressive Web Apps deliver faster, more reliable, and engaging cross-platform web applications. Some other benefits of PWA are:

Cloud Assessment

We help you to make your cloud an up and running functional system by conducting a thorough analysis of your cloud architecture and diagnosing security gaps while suggesting best practices for the issues.

  • Explore cloud best practices
  • Estimate cost, performance & authenticity of cloud
  • Determine critical security & compliance gaps
  • Get the detailed analysis report of your cloud environments
  • Recommendations by certified engineers

Cost Optimization

Enabling you to improve your cloud efficiency while reducing the cost. It ultimately results in boosting your overall ROI.

  • Waste identification and its elimination
  • Leverage long-term savings
  • Minimize costs with automatic on/off scheduling feature
  • Cloud certified engineers who help you to implement recommendations

Cloud Compliance Assessment

We are happy to serve you with cloud compliance standard features in AWS.

  • Auto-discovery of cloud environment
  • Scanning of networking, console settings, and accountability
  • Detailed recommendations report

Cloud DevOps Strategy & Implementation

At Logiciel, we ensure to deliver advanced cloud solutions with upgraded migration approaches and effective strategies.

  • Consulting well-trained DevOps engineers
  • Automate IT operations
  • Improvising CI/CD pipeline
  • Setting dockers in the cloud environment

Key Highlights

Access Best Engineers

We have experienced engineers who are well-versed in delivering robust cloud solutions.

Result Oriented

We have a proven track record that ensures you maximum success and satisfaction.

Flexible & Responsive

We built custom-made software which is completely flexible and adjusts to your required business needs.

Security & Compliance Experts

Our experts can enable you to continue compliance in PCI-DSS, HIPA, SOC2, and more.

Project Management

By implementing proven tech practices, we ensure clarity and on-time delivery of project milestones.

How Can You Achieve Best Results With Us

We ensure to fulfill all the needs of clients with our diverse cloud migration and optimization solutions. Our team uses the latest tools and technologies to help your business build tailored cloud solutions that excel in delivering an enhanced digital experience. As a partner, we assist our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their business with our developed product.

Optimize multi-cloud performance

Get maximum visibility of your cloud environments.

Implement efficient change management.

Scale your process with growing requirements.

Level up Your Business with the Power of the Cloud

Whether your need is to automate your organizational Infrastructure, create a strong cloud ecosystem, or optimize your current cloud setup, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to satisfy all your cloud-related needs.
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