Hello SaaS founders!

Kickstart your SaaS Product with an Expertly Trained, Battle-Tested Software Team

Our specialist development team helps SaaS companies transform their concepts into reality.

Our SaaS Development Services

With more than a decade of experience building, launching, and scaling SaaS Products, our veteran team is on demand and ready to assist.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

We create a detailed action plan to transform your idea from a prototype and MVP to a proven business. We work with you as you scale to create a world-class product your customers love.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Create unique designs that improve retention and provide that much-needed “aha” moment of value realization as early as possible after adoption.

SaaS App

SaaS App Development

We build a forward-thinking, secure, and scalable SaaS app that drives exponential growth by focusing on features that bring business value and meet your end user’s needs.

Discover, Test, Launch, and Scale with Logiciel

From discovery and prototype to MVP and growth, our combat-tested approach is agile and customer-centric. We plug into your company to gain a deep understanding of your business goals and audience needs, ensuring we only build features with extreme business value. Our proven method enables you to market faster, gaining a competitive edge.

Validate Your Product Idea

Validate your idea

Bring your idea to life

Logiciel will dig deep to understand your idea and determine how it adds value to your customers, developing a product that gives you a lasting competitive advantage and achieves your goals.

Test Your Product Idea

Test your idea

Clickable Prototype

Rapidly test your idea with real users so feedback can be implemented before development begins. We’ll gather all the information you need to iterate, adjust your product roadmap and position your business for success.

Bring Your Product Idea To Life

Bring your idea to life

MVP Development

Logiciel will develop the MVP for investor buy-in and market validation, enabling quick feedback so that you can make data-driven decisions about the growth of your business.

Scale Your Product

Scale your product

Product Growth

Got traffic, customers, and revenue? It’s time to scale. Expand your product features based on customer feedback or market demands, allowing you to increase traction in the market. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Logiciel?

Logiciel doesn’t just develop SaaS products. We develop success stories. We take your concept and bring it to life, guiding you with expert advice and information at every step. From product requirements analysis to design, development, and fine-tuning – there’s nothing we can’t, or won’t, do for our clients.

Lean & Agile Process

  • We focus on commercially viable features, so we don’t waste your time developing technical debt.
  • By building your MVP, we use real world feedback to iterate and adjust as required.

High-Quality Results, Quickly

  • With our proven methods, we can deliver quickly — without sacrificing quality.
  • Get to market faster and gain a competitive edge with our Discover, Build, Launch, and Scale methodology.

Experienced SaaS Team

  • Our team has developed
    next-generation SaaS products for startups and established businesses since 2011.
  • We create sustainable
    multi-tenancy architectures combined with advanced tech stacks to deliver impactful solutions.

Transparent & Seamless Communication

  • When you partner with Logiciel, you can expect open and transparent communication.
  • We pay attention to potential issues, using root cause analysis to identify the problem rapidly, and taking prompt action to fix it.

Client Value & Trust

Valued and trusted by SaaS companies since 2011

Since 2011, we’ve been a trusted software development partner to globally recognized brands, helping our clients to build next-generation SaaS products. Our robust software development process is battle-tested, ensuring our SaaS clients are agile and gain a competitive advantage in their niche.

Rapid. Reliable. Robust. Logiciel has the experience and skills to plan, design and develop your SaaS success story from start to finish.