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Be it developing a product concept from scratch or rapidly delivering to the needs of growing software platforms, our commitment is to ensure top-notch development for your product’s success.

Product Discovery & Design

Looking to Turn Your Product Idea Into Reality

Navigating from concept to product can be daunting. Manage the technical hurdles with confidence, creating a clear pathway forward to transform your idea into a fully functioning product.

Concept Validation & PoC

Technical Feasibility

Digital Experience Design

Feature Roadmap for MVP

MVP Development

Managed Dev Team

Need an Expert Team to Fast-Track Your Development

Already have an MVP in place but struggling to scale your development team?
Get things going seamlessly and efficiently with a highly skilled managed dev team.

SaaS App Development

Product Scaling

Application Modernization

Cloud Native Development

QA & Testing

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High-Performing, Product-Focused Dev Team

Project Manager

Business Analysts

Steer the entire development process with profound expertise in Scrum while creating seamless process flows.


Engineering Managers

Mastered former engineers, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality product increments – on time.

UX Design

Solutions Architects

Forward-thinking leaders developing architectural viewpoints & designs to create future-ready solutions.


UX/UI Designers

Creative and innovative professional designers who ensure outstanding user experience and intuitive interfaces.


Tech Leads

Hands-on tech experts equipped with great domain knowledge, guide and support development teams.


Software Engineers

Proficient and battle-tested software developers committed to building top-notch products.


QA Engineers

Act as a robust safety barrier, identifying potential issues in your product before they impact your customers’ experience.


DevOps & Cloud Experts

Top-tier engineering experts keeping automation at the forefront, ensuring fast, secure, and scalable product releases.

Why Choose Logiciel?

Beyond coding and building cutting-edge designs, we dive deep into your product vision leaving no stone unturned to transform your ideas into innovative realities.

Proven Expertise

Deeply invested in the success of your products, our tech experts have built a robust track record of consistently launching successful products.

Technology Leadership

Backed by time-tested tech expertise and strong team management skills, our professionals lead with a forward-thinking approach.

Transparent Processes

Gain complete visibility to the entire development process facilitated by a quick and easy flow of information.

Client Value & Trust

Why Customers Love Us

With more than a decade of expertise, we’ve been a trusted partner and driving force behind several successful globally known brands.


How long will it take to launch version one of my product?

The timeline for launching your product’s first version depends on various factors, including project complexity and scope. Generally, we aim to have the first version ready in 1 to 3 months for a simple product.

What technologies does LS specialize in?

While LS excels in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, our top picks for front-end development are React, Angular, and Vue.js. In backend development, we specialize in Node.js, Python, Laravel, and frameworks like Django.

What industries does LS specialize in?

Logiciel specializes in serving a wide range of industries, including Construction & Home Improvement, Finance, Real Estate, Energy, Logistics, Advertising, Robotics, and Big Data.

What is your estimated timeline for project kick-off and delivery?

Once the contract is signed, it typically takes about a week to allocate a team and get started.

Which methodology do you follow?

We follow Agile/Scrum methodology with two-week sprints. Beginning with thorough backlog planning, each sprint concludes with delivering a specific portion of product functionality. This iterative cycle ensures accuracy in execution and consistent progress toward product goals.

What support will I get after the initial project is complete?

We offer one month of extended maintenance support, including UAT and Production phases to observe and identify any potential issues/defects. If required, you can then choose to sign a retainership agreement for continued maintenance and support.

How does your billing process work?

We have a fixed monthly subscription for each team. The pricing depends on the size and composition of the team of developers, product managers, QA engineers, and product designers in your team. After our initial call, we can recommend the right team size for your needs and we together can decide.

How does LS ensure data security in its development processes?

The integrity of your data remains our top priority throughout every stage of development. Our commitment to safeguarding your information is validated by adhering to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards.

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