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Our Goal

Logiciel assists startups with validating their product and business hypothesis using a tried-and-tested agile, user-centric approach. Whether you are interested in developing a mobile or web app, you can test your ideas with an MVP before development begins.

Since 2011, Logiciel Solutions have helped dozens of startups find lasting success by building, testing, launching and scaling SaaS products.

Building a winning SaaS product isn’t easy. It requires a delicate balance of complex backend design and a simple UX/UI that few development companies can manage. Logiciel is different. We have devoted ourselves to understanding the nuances and requirements of the SaaS industries, honing our skills and becoming specialists in the field for more than a decade.

Logiciel has supported several SaaS businesses in transitioning from the startup to the scale-up stage. Our SaaS professionals have significant experience in this area and can assist any SaaS business as they navigate the challenges posed by each stage of their business journey, from Product Discovery to Prototyping, from MVP Development to Product Growth. Logiciel is the partner you need.

Our Goal

Logiciel is backed by a proven track record of several successful SaaS products.

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Partnerships Built on Shared Values

Whether working with clients or interacting as a team, we adhere to the same values and principles.

Strive for Excellence

Never settle for anything less than the highest possible quality. Keep improving and raising the bar.


Build trust by communicating honestly and acting with integrity. It’s the foundation of every relationship.

Product Mindset

Every client project is treated like our own. Their success is our success.

Continuous Learning

Mastery is achieved through continuous learning and an open mind.

Freedom and Responsibility

Every team member has the autonomy to make decisions and a responsibility to take ownership of them.

The Logiciel Approach to SaaS Product Development

After years of dedicated SaaS Product Development, we’ve developed a tried-and-true, expertly executed approach to SaaS Product Development. No matter which stage your business is currently at; we’ll devise a user-centric, data-driven strategy that optimizes the odds of your success.

Our approach consists of four key stages

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Logiciel works closely with you to understand your idea and the way it adds value to your customers so that we can develop a product that achieves your goals and becomes a commercial success.


Using our battle-tested methodology and proven UX/UI design skills, we’ll design clickable prototypes to gather the information we need to iterate and position your product for success.
MVP Development

MVP Development

Let us develop a cutting-edge MVP for investor buy-in and market validation so that you can make the decisions you need to achieve rapid growth for your business.



During the final stage, we ensure that your product is ready to launch and scale by expanding product features based on customer feedback and market research.

Our Expertise is Your Competitive Advantage

When partnering with Logiciel, our team becomes your team, which is why we are committed to hiring people who are not only the best in the field but passionate about the SaaS and software development industry.

Our team of highly experienced SaaS experts have fully embraced a culture of continuous learning, excellence and, above all, dedication to the success of our clients.

Meet the People Behind the Software

Strategy Team

The Strategy Team performs continual analysis and devises an effective action plan regarding the future application design, development and deployment. They ensure that the entire development process meets the client’s key objectives and timelines.

Product Team

The Product Team is responsible for understanding and mapping customer needs and creating a product that clearly addresses the target market’s requirements. They validate important concepts and measure the performance of the product at all times.

Design Team

The Design Team is responsible for ensuring that the product looks aesthetically appealing and that features flow together in an intuitive, user-friendly way. They work closely with the front-end developers during the entire project.

Backend Team

The Backend Team builds and maintains the various mechanisms that perform actions on the application. They ensure that server-side functions, including data storage and security, run smoothly.

Frontend Team

The Frontend Team combines their knowledge of design, technology and programming to create a functional and user-friendly application.

QA Team

The QA Team focuses on improving software development processes and preventing defects during production. They work closely with the development teams to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards before launch.

DevOps / Cloud Team

The DevOps Team monitors the development lifecycle throughout the entire process, from planning and development to deployment and operations.

Logiciel Supports a Healthy Team Culture and Lifestyle

Our team works hard and plays hard. By embracing sports and leisure activities as a team, we can reboot and tackle new challenges as a cohesive, single unit.


We love sports as spectators and participants. We encourage teams to get outdoors as a team to clear their heads and maintain an active lifestyle.


We enjoy sharing our hobbies as a team and relaxing together. Keep an eye out for Logiciel team events where we can build new memories together.

Our Clients

Logiciel has completed hundreds of successful projects for dozens of clients, including