Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy was updated on December 10, 2022
Our privacy policy, at Logiciel, is created to secure and maintain the privacy of our visitors. We herein, are concerned to inform you about our privacy policies and how Logiciel will use them thoroughly. Kindly be cautious that by reading, visiting, and using our website data, you are accepting our privacy policies.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to let you be conscious of the fact in which manner we are utilizing your personal information or visiting our site. For more information about our privacy policy, kindly read the document on this page carefully.

What information do we gather from you, and how do we use it?

The following details we obtain about you when you visit our website:

  • We get the data about your purpose of visiting our website like; the pages, and the content you like and visit frequently.
  • The information that we collect is about the resources you use while visiting our website such as; communication data, location information, or traffic-related data.
  • The purposeful details given by you integrate with our contact forms or e-mail subscriptions.

We use this information As to

  • Let you know about our latest services and trends that may interest you.
  • To help you provide the foremost, customized, and valuable details about our offerings.
  • Most importantly, to make you understand the new policies, changes, and updates about our website.

Note: We may also send you notifications about our services and offers that you may have shown interest in your previous interactions. However, this is subject matter as we send the notifications as per your consent.

How is Your private information stored with us?

By providing us with your permission in accordance with this privacy policy, you allow us access to your data. We make every effort to ensure that all necessary actions are taken to protect the storage of your data.

However, we are not certain of the security of the data you provide or fill in on our website. Since all data transfers are electronic, transferring data or a piece of information is at your own discretion.

Data Disclosement Policy

At Logiciel, end users’ personal information and identifying information is never traded, sold, or rented to outside parties. The information that may be used or shared by us may somehow be generic or not to the particular visitor’s personal data, business purpose, or to advertise/marketing.

Integration with other website links and your deal with them

On our website, we may use third-party links or other links to connect our website with those. Regardless, We do not intend to endorse or facilitate those websites or links. If you use or go through those links, it is solely your responsibility. Logiciel does not participate in any sort of piracy concern. By creating this context, we consider that you acknowledge and adhere to the above condition on a prior basis before visiting our website.

Your consent for this policy Document

You express your acceptance of these privacy policy terms by reading and accepting this document. Your every visit is the token of your approval to use our website and you are taken under these terms with your full acceptance. In any case, if you do not find the privacy policy page in your favor, we request you not use our website further.

Note: All the information given on this page is under the sanction of Logiciel Solutions and we may make changes to the above-mentioned terms and conditions at any time.