Validate Your SaaS Concept with Product Discovery

Product Discovery determines what users’ problems & needs are and validates your concepts for solutions before starting development. Launch your SaaS product with confidence.

Product Discovery Sets the Development Process up for Success

Using a blend of in-depth customer research and competitive analysis, our expert team will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities to explore and highlight challenges to address before development starts.

A battle-tested team of SaaS experts, including business analysts, software developers, UX/UI designers, and solution architects, will provide the insights you need to make a decision and build a product that addresses customers’ needs head-on.

Sets the Product Development Process

The Benefits of SaaS Product Discovery

Ensure that your end product addresses genuine user needs

Validate important concepts, enabling more informed decisions

Avoid the risk of building untested/potentially unwanted features

Stand out from the competition by honing in on customer needs

Minimize development costs and avoid rework

Prioritize features to include in an MVP

Why do SaaS Businesses need
a Discovery Phase?

The discovery phase will provide an in-depth, thoroughly researched overview of the features customers require from your new or existing product. Product discovery enables you to launch or relaunch your app or solution with greater confidence and a far greater likelihood of commercial success.

Validate Ideas

Analyze the market, competition and customer needs and determine the feasibility of core concepts in practice.

Minimize Development Costs

Avoid rework, delays and unforeseen costs with more predictable iterations and laser-focused product sprints.

Reduce Risk

Remove the guesswork through carefully planned requirement validation and testing.

Ensure a Successful Product Launch with a Discovery Workshop

Success Starts with an In-Depth SaaS Product Discovery Workshop

Facilitated by a team of highly-trained experts across multiple disciplines.

Every successful product launch starts with a workshop to thoroughly understand your concept. During the initial session, a team of highly experienced in-house experts will spend time unpacking each concept to test and validate against different perspectives and audiences.

Product Architecture Roadmapping

Organizing platforms and applications to create a more scalable structure for the future.

Product Development Roadmapping

A clear, focused strategic roadmap to achieve key objectives.

User Persona Development

Creating user personas to understand customer needs and ultimately build more effective designs.


In-depth evaluation of the current technology to establish the best framework for delivery.

Competitive Analysis

Providing a competitive edge from the start by reporting on competitor products and customer base.


Collaboration with inhouse experts to establish the most effective strategy for the project.

Key Roles of the Participants

Collaboration is the key to a successful product discovery workshop. By combining the experience and expertise of highly-trained, battle-tested teams with your knowledge of the target market, your SaaS solution is primed to succeed.


During the product discovery workshop, clients have the opportunity to deliver their idea and explain core concepts about the solution, including their goals, expectations, and requirements.

Business Analyst

Business analysts or product managers analyze and collect the data provided by the clients and structure the information in a meaningful way. During the workshop, these experts will facilitate the discussion, clarify ambiguities and transform epics and user stories into estimates so that both parties are completely aligned.

UX/UI Designer

UX/UI designers analyze the target audience and competition in order to build a visually appealing, intuitive interface and user flow based on client requirements.

Solutions Architect

The Solutions Architect will analyze the requirements of the project and ensure that the business logic designed is feasible. Ultimately, the solution architect will offer the most suitable architectural solution and tech stack for bringing plans to fruition.

Account Manager

Account managers are tasked with managing the client relationship throughout the entire design process. They will ensure that the client’s needs are met from start to finish.

Who will Benefit from Product Discovery?


Startup founders with no product development experience

SaaS Product Managers

SaaS Product Managers that require expert product development planning

Deliverables of a SaaS Product Discovery Workshop

Once the Product Discovery Workshop has been completed, there is sufficient information to move onto the planning phase. Insights are presented in a logical and structured format and act as guidelines for the project.
Deliverables of a SaaS Product

A functional specification for the first phase of the project, with the concept mapped on wireframes

A high level digital architecture map, detailing the vision of the concept and features

A product development roadmap, with milestone for rolling out each phase

A detailed time and cost estimate

The Formula for a Successful
SaaS Product Launch


Product Discovery

Determine the business goals, identify the target audience and discuss the features in-depth


User Experience

Establish whether or not the product achieves user goals, create low-fidelity diagrams and map the user journey


User Interface

Design wireframes and create high-fidelity

MVP Development

Determine the business goals, identify the target audience and discuss the features in-depth


Analysis of user behavior and data, resolve barriers to entry from the MVP and review and realign to business objectives

Scale and Support

Continued support and alignment of business goals as needed