An all-in-one cloud-based business productivity platform for home improvement contractors.

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Business Management/Productivity
Leap LLC.

Fully Customized Job & Workflow Manager

Paperless Mobile App

Customer Relationship Manager
Quick Estimating, Quoting & Scheduling
Employee And Subcontractor Manager

Instant Proposals And Contracts


Laravel, React, Angular, Flutter, Python


MySql, DynamoDB, RedShift, Firebase


AWS EC2, Aurora, S3, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk

JobProgress is an on-demand business productivity platform for Home Improvement Contractors featuring Automated Estimates & Proposals, Customized Workflow, Field Management, Growth, Productivity, etc.

Being a scalable and flexible product, it supports the ability to build and grow a profitable business regardless of the size.

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Key Highlights


The Challenge

Building a scalable product that enables real-time access to actionable data, empowering home improvement contractors to simplify their business operations was quite challenging, especially because every contractor prefers to operate in its own unique way.


Our Solution

After numerous whiteboard sessions, wireframe refinements, prototypes, and continuous iterations, our tech elite was really prompt to build the MVP that turned out to be a great success.


The Result

With the ability to pivot quickly and deliver the asked features rapidly, JobProgress got the first 100 subscribers within a few months of rollout and this is where the growth phase began with no turning back.

Goals Set to Logiciel

Customized Cloud-based Platform

Designing a comprehensive and fully customized cloud-based platform with intuitive and highly interactive UI/UX.

Fast & Centralized Access

Enabling office and field workers with fast & centralized access to the most updated information.

Multiple Service Integrations

Bringing various services together to build a cohesive ecosystem for Home Improvement Contractors through multiple service integrations.

The Process

We’ve done everything from scratch – Product Discovery, PoC, Prototyping, Development, and Cloud Infrastructure.


Product Discovery

Getting an in-depth grasp of the project’s objectives, scopes, and restrictions:

To understand the core requirements, we did a lot of collaborative team meetings and whiteboard sessions where we were brainstorming, mind mapping, expressing potential solutions, sketching the plan roughly via wireframes, and exploring the design space.

Following Proof of Concept – the project implementation approach, we created and refined several wireframes to pin down the project specifications including tech stack and architecture.



We then moved forward to create a prototype – a small working model of the product with high-fidelity screen designs. Our design team did frequent brainstorming sessions and collaborated with the client to build a user-centric design that completely meets his expectations. 

Later on, our team kept on testing and refining the prototypes until an acceptable design was achieved to set the right flow from one screen to another. Finally, they succeeded in designing the desired prototype with the expected functionality and interactivity.


MVP Development

After building a prototype demonstrating the required UX/UI design, our next focus was to quickly build an MVP – a simplified product version with only core features, but still offers enough value to customers.

This Included:

Defining Feature Roadmap
Sprint Planning & Team Allocation
Development & Testing
Release & Launch
Monitoring & Feedback
The MVP launch was a great success as we got a really good response from the customers with a series of suggestions on existing user experience as well as additional features. 
MVP Development


Product Growth

After the MVP success, the next focus was to rapidly add new features and customizations to the platform. Some of the key highlights of this phase were:

Aggressive Development Plan

Now that we had better understanding of the market hence, our product development plan got more strategic and aligned.

Rapid Iterations

Since the client was highly focused to deliver maximum value to its customers – which perhaps is one of the important reasons for the product’s success, he was constantly listening to their feedback, suggestions, and preferences.

With the shifting priorities as per the users’ feedback, the tasks’ priorities were also shuffling frequently and this is where agility in our development workflow was immensely helpful to deliver on time.

API Integrations & Optimization

While there were only a few integrations in the MVP, we did about 30+ integrations in next couple of years. Few of them being simple and straight forward and several of them being complex that required high degree of architecture planning and expert execution.


As the product got more and more traction, we undertook initiatives to further stablize and secure the platform. This included version upgrades, security best practices within the codebase as well as cloud infrastructure.

“ Logiciel Solutions has far surpassed any of our expectations during the years we have partnered with the entire team to create the planet’s #1 Home Improvement Contractor Business Management Platform. We highly recommend this Company without ANY RESERVATION.”

David Buzzelli

Impact & Outcome

Platform launched & grown into one of the most successful products in Home Improvement Industry with the user base of close 15k.

Recently got acquired for a multimillion dollar deal.

Logiciel continues to maintain and add features to the Platform for last 8 years now.

MVP was rolled out successfully and got a lot of initial traction.

Customers were willing to commit to 5 years of subscription as well.

With rapid iterations to add new features to the platform with a laser focus on customers, the platform was able to record year-on-year growth for several years in a row.