Scale Your Product Fast with Managed Dev Teams

On-Demand, Autonomous Software Teams for Rapid, High-Quality, and On-Time Product Releases.

What is a Managed Dev Team

At its core, a Managed Dev Team is your strategic partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of product development.

Think of it as a self-managed and dedicated unit, equipped to handle technical workloads, bridge skill gaps, and deliver exceptional results on time.

Tap Into a Dedicated Dev Team When

You are gearing up for rapid platform growth.
You want to hit the market quickly with an MVP.

Seeking strong tech leadership for task efficiency and feature delivery.

Aiming to scale your team without the overhead of hiring & managing.

With an Efficient Managed Dev Team, You Can

Ease Your Technical Burden
Start delivering value in no time, managing all your technical workloads, freeing you to focus on other crucial business functions.

Bridge Skill Gaps Proactively
Utilize technology leadership to deliver product updates on time and ship new features faster with an agile approach.

Get Visibility & Control
Gain complete visibility and control, track progress, and make informed decisions with our time-tested and transparent workflow.

Scale Team As Needed
Quickly assemble a small, dynamic team to kickstart your development and easily scale up or down as required.

How Did We Propel Entrepreneurs Like You Towards Rapid Growth

“ Logiciel Solutions has far surpassed any of our expectations during the years we have partnered with the entire team to create the planet’s #1 Home Improvement Contractor Business Management Platform. We highly recommend this Company without ANY RESERVATION.”

David Buzzelli

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Our Approach

Ensure your product development journey sails smoothly towards success with a reliable process driven by proven methodologies.

Step into a Collaborative and Open Environment where

Teams embrace an agile mindset and employ battle-tested approaches to speed up your development cycle.

Technology leaders ensure that you make the right technical decisions on time with top-tier guidance on your product roadmap.

You gain access to an extensive talent pool of high-performing individuals to manage your end-to-end development.

Your product is designed and built in small iterations, grounded in the robust framework of Scrum sprints.

You get access to a mature and transparent process for timely feature delivery and informed decision-making, ensuring your product aligns with its intended direction.

What Sets Our Managed Dev Team Apart

Leverage the rich domain experience and vetted strategies that contribute to designing, building, and deploying cutting-edge products with exceptional value and user experience.

Technology Leadership

Ensure your product success in the long run with battle-tested tech professionals leading with a vetted, problem-solving, and forward-thinking approach.

Proven Track-Record

Count on a high performing dev team, deeply invested in transforming your idea into a high functioning product, with a strong history of building great and lasting experiences.

Transparent Process

Gain access to a reliable and time tested process facilitated by a quick and easy flow of information enabling you to complete control and flexibility.

Expertise in Startup Exit

With an average client engagement spanning 5-6 years and facilitating several successful startup exits, we bring valuable insights to shape your development journey towards success.

Roles in a Typical Managed Dev Team

Business Analysts

Steer the entire development process with profound expertise in Scrum while creating seamless process flows.

Engineering Managers

Mastered former engineers, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality product increments – on time.

Solutions Architects

Forward-thinking leaders developing architectural viewpoints & designs to create future-ready solutions.

UX/UI Designers

Creative and innovative professional designers who ensure outstanding user experience and intuitive interfaces.

Tech Leads

Hands-on tech experts equipped with great domain knowledge, guide and support development teams.

Software Engineers

Proficient and battle-tested software developers committed to
building top-notch products.

QA Engineers

Act as a robust safety barrier, identifying potential issues in your product before they impact your customers’ experience.

DevOps & Cloud Experts

Top-tier engineering experts keeping automation at the forefront, ensuring fast, secure, and scalable product releases.

Get Started In 4 Simple Steps

Assemble an Expert Group of High-Performing Engineers to Scale Up with Confidence and Speed

Step 1

Refine Your Roadmap
Optimize the roadmap, ensuring all dependencies are identified and the plan is ready for execution.

Step 2

Build Your Team

Assemble a dedicated team based on product backlog, complexities, and the defined timeline.

Step 3

Kickoff Development

Start getting your product features delivered in small & rapid iterations with our time-tested workflow.

Step 4

Track Performance

Monitor progress, key metrics, and milestones to make informed decisions and stay in control.

Build, Launch, & Scale Your Product with Proven Tech Expertise.