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Definitive Guide to Encryption

A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption

Today’s world is always at the gun’s scope of cybercriminals. Every day, one will find innumerable headlines about small to big cyber attacks on an individual’s account, a firm, or sometimes even the multi-billion dollar organizations that have access to the highly complex prevention measures.

Staff Augmentation - Roles & Responsibilities

Make the Most of Staff Augmentation: Define Roles & Responsibilities

Staff augmentation and extended teams have become integral parts of a large number of software development companies around the world. After the dreadful pandemic of COVID-19, the tendency to acquire remote teams and distribute the work for an accelerated development process has emerged as a new trend.

Staff Augmentation Benefits

7 Effective Ways Staff Augmentation can Benefit Your Business

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing model and advanced technique that evaluates your in-house resources, determines what additional skills are needed for project accomplishment and fills that gap with skilled professionals on specified or flexible terms and conditions.

Laravel Security Best Practices

Laravel Security Best Practices – To Secure Your PHP Apps

Getting into an unprotected platform isn’t a big deal nowadays, at least for hackers. The first time I experienced this was when I was in my coding school and one of my clients called me that there’s something wrong with this website.

How UI/UX Design Matters a lot

How an Inexpensive UI/UX Design can Ultimately be More Expensive

The secret sauce and subtle foundation of every successful business lies in the hearts of its loyal customers. Amazing products, outstanding services, and a stupendous customer experience have the potential to turn irregular prospects into long-term customers aka mini-endorsers.

Laravel Performance Optimization Tips

Top 12 Tips for Laravel Performance Optimization

Today, Laravel has become a very popular framework for developing business and E-Commerce applications. Most of the organizations prefer Laravel to build their business applications. There are numerous reasons for that. But today we will only focus on performance optimization.

React Features and Uses

What is React? Why Should You Use React for Web Development

As the first point of contact, front-end development is often considered the catalyst for uniquely conveying the brand image of any business to its potential users.

Custom Software Development

10 Reasons You should Go for Custom Software Development

Businesses in modern times come with modern needs. Quite naturally, these modern needs require advanced approaches and solutions for the best results. Be it large corporations, SMEs, or startups, the need for software solutions has risen in the global market across different industries.

Outsourcing Software Development

Why Outsourcing Software Development is The Right Choice

Software development outsourcing is a procedure in which an organization employs a dedicated custom software technical partner to complete and handle all or portions of the software development work.

Business Analyst

How Does A Business Analyst Contribute To Project Success?

Imagine working directly with dev teams who are always on toes to meet tight deadlines. Sometimes, it could be challenging to get developers involved in the initial phase of discussion with the client and therefore forging the need for such professionals who can get thoroughly involved in the project requirement gathering process.

Requirement Elicitation in Software Development

Why Requirement Elicitation in Software Development is Important?

What are the requirements, how you’ll elicit the requirement and why it is so important, this question comes in many variations but it’s answer is the same. This article contains all the details about this curiosity. Let’s explore below.

API Testing

API Testing: What Exactly Should You Know & Why?

These days everyone around is looking for easy, reliable and fast pace solutions to simplify their business operations and in this pursuit they are in continuous search of latest trends & technology that can also keep the quality of their business applications intact!!

SaaS Application Security

SaaS Security: Best Practices To Protect Your Application

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet as a service. SaaS also known as cloud application services, does not require software installation and maintenance, you can access it easily through the Internet.

Choosing a reliable Software Development Partner

7 Essential Steps To Find A Reliable Software Development Partner

According to the State of Software Development 2019 report, 2 out of 3 companies have outsourced software development and only about 18% of them weren’t satisfied with the results.

Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture

Monolithic vs Microservices: Which architecture is the best choice?

“Monolithic vs. microservices” has been a debatable topic from as early as 2005 when microservices or service oriented architecture came into being and ever since has been steadily consolidating its market share to become a preferred choice for many business organizations around the globe.

Why you should use PHP
Jan 15, 2021

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace PHP anymore!

A competent team working on a decent language is any day better than an average team working with the perfect tools and languages.