Custom Software Development

Enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge and better scalability while enhancing their operational productivity with our highly secured tailor-made solutions.

Customization that Exactly Meets Your Unique Business Needs

While in today’s tech-saturated world, businesses have got brilliant opportunities to set their benchmark at a high level, on the other hand, they have also got a huge market competition with every other company going digital.

Hence, It is important for businesses to have a unique brand recognition to sustain and well-customized software could be the best solution for them. At Logiciel, we provide reliable custom software solutions based on a thorough understanding of your unique business processes, market challenges, and requirements.

The demand for custom software solutions has increased rapidly in the market share as it adds incredible value to the users. So, if your company is searching for such efficient tools to resolve their software-related issues and power growth face, then you are in the right space, here you will get the superior development solution according to your business need.

Why You Need Custom Software

Custom software is designed especially for businesses to improvise their efficiency, effectiveness, scalability, and productivity. With the custom software development solutions, you can enjoy various other advantages of a customized system, tailored to your unique business requirements.


Complete Ownership

In Logiciel, we provide full ownership of the software to our partners, which means you will not be charged for any kind of subscription or royalty fees after getting your software. In fact, you have complete control over adding one or more features to the software.


Greater Flexibility

Logiciel’s custom software solutions offer absolute flexibility to its partners in order to help them adapt to the growing needs of the market and scale their business well. It means you can easily update your software with new features or functionalities whenever required.


Increases Return on Investment

Generally, custom software is costly as compared to ‘off-the-shelf’ software because most businesses hesitate to invest in this service. But in terms of investment, custom software gives you more return, which means it is a great investment for your company in the long run. In fact, if you choose custom software then you can create your personalized software from scratch.


Technology Independency

Our company is a technology-agnostic custom software development firm, which means at Logiciel we don’t believe in selling or promoting specific technology. We completely focus on our customer’s unique business goals and requirements. And so, we choose the right set of services according to their business plans.

Custom Software Services

We at Logiciel, provide our customers with unique service packages according to your business needs. These software services offer multiple benefits that will not only help you with the custom software solution but also helps you achieve your desired goal.

Enterprise Application

We have a team of skilled software engineers who are well-versed in developing dynamic and prominent ERP applications. These engineers build custom software solutions that improvise critical business processes and functions including inventory and construction management, account, HR, etc.

SaaS Applications

Over the years, in Logiciel we have vast experience in developing a wide scope of commercial SaaS-based applications. Our team has a great understanding of the potential challenges and scopes that come along with SaaS app development, and so they use their best practices to create a SaaS solution for you according to your time and budget requirements.

Healthcare App

Logiciel also has a specialization in developing HIPAA-compliant applications with the most innovative and secure technologies. Our team of healthcare App development experts takes special care of your software application and looks for every detail of the App from the architecture to delivery. We also ensure that the App meets the strict government guidelines to protect personal data.

eCommerce Applications

If your business depends on the online selling of goods or services then custom eCommerce development is important for you to gain a competitive advantage. In eCommerce solutions, we provide you with streamlined payment gateways, API integration, inventory, user dashboard, and so on.

Mobile Applications

Our team of expert software engineers develops applications for all types of mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and Hybrid that can stand alone or be integrated with web applications. Our team ensures your mobile application passes stringent acceptance standards with grace and gets quick publishing.

Legacy Systems

For a successful business, it is essential to keep on upgrading and be innovative with their product or service. To sustain in the market race, we at Logiciel help you to upgrade your old software to the new fully customized one. Based on advanced technologies we recreate legacy software to be more effective, user-friendly, and dynamic which can be scaled at any level to meet the changing demands of users.

Third-Party And CRM

We also take support or solutions from third-party vendors to develop software from the very beginning of the development process. In this service, we begin with benchmarking the application’s quality so the user has a clear vision of the product goals and the ways to accomplish them.

Product Development

Right from generating the idea of building a product till the time of its release, Logiciel helps your company to have an effective software product development lifecycle. We have developed various successful software products over a decade of existence hence, we have gained a huge knowledge base to be more innovative.