Analyst Intelligence Platform

A No-Code Business Intelligence Platform Making Financial Planning & Analysis Easy




Python (Flask)
Elastic Beanstalk
Key Features

Robust Data Importing

Reporting and Dashboards
Budgeting and Forecasting
Financial Modeling
Excel Interface

A Brief About the Product

Analyst Intelligence is a Financial Planning and Analysis platform. It makes business budgeting & forecasting just a cakewalk that even non-tech users can unlock the capabilities of a multi-billion dollar organization.

It enables better data-driven decisions and improved financial performance, making sophisticated analytics accessible to everyone.

Prime Benefits that Make This App a Dominating Platform

No Code ETL Platform Saves 80% of time in Financial Planning & Analysis

Offers a Simple and Intuitive User Experience
Easy Setup and Fast Implementation
Pay for what you use
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A Holistic View of the Core Product Idea

Problem Statement

Having led the FP&A industry for over a decade, our client identified critical gaps in existing tools, hindering the efficiency of FP&A professionals on multiple parameters. Here are the main issues that led to the Inception of this product Idea:

Heavy onboarding and setup expenses and time were required.

Inability of FP&A professionals to focus on core tasks, such as analysis and forecasting. 
Decent knowledge of programming was required.
Unavailability of End-to-end Platform.
Solution Overview By Client

After recognizing the persistent challenges faced by FP&A professionals and associated companies, the client  conceptualized an innovative product to address these issues comprehensively with following key features:

A user-friendly tool that requires no coding expertise.

Simplified and easy onboarding experience.

A fair charging model based on actual usage, eliminating upfront costs. SaaS offering at a reasonable and fair price point.

Efficient Cost Management to optimize costs for users and align them with tool utilization.

Goals Set to Logiciel/Product Roadmap

To create a SaaS MVP with Multi-Tenant Cloud Infrastructure offering a very intuitive & easy-to-use User Experience for the following features of FP&A industry as No-Code tools:

ETL Process
Excel Plugins
Process Automation

The Process – From an Idea to MVP

Inception to completion, we undertook a comprehensive journey of Product Discovery, Prototyping, Development, and Cloud Infrastructure implementation.

Product Discovery Phase

The journey of the discovery phase began with the following observations our client highlighted:

Why does a finance guy have to learn to code, while data scientists are moving to no code?

Why are ERP software like Oracle or Adaptive Insights so complex that it’s part of the hiring considerations?

Why are we paying so much money for a tool and we still need to hire a team just to maintain it?

Why can’t we just hire the person with the most passion for Finance?

Our team conducted thorough research to prepare a well-analyzed strategic plan followed by the product’s core goals.


In order to bring the envisioned no-code tool to life and validate its functionalities and user experience, our designers developed a prototype showcasing the tool’s core capabilities.

This process underwent several iterations based on client feedback. It took our design team approx 3-4 weeks to build the expected high-fidelity prototypes, which included:

Data importing module

No-code ETL tool

Forecasting Modules (Modeling)

Reporting Tools / Post Backs (editors)

Process Automation


MVP Development

In our pursuit of creating the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we focused on key objectives:

Key Challenges Faced

No-code tool for data importing, transformation & mapping for continuous import.

Handling a variety of data for importing from various sources.

Dynamic user-created tables/relationships and follow-up performance issues due to the dynamic nature of both schema & data.

Forecasting through Excel is like a grid on the web to keep it convenient for users migrating from Excel.

MVP Development
Our Winning Solutions
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Built a strong budgeting module for accurate financial planning. Integrated forecasting tools with predictive analytics for reliable strategic insights.
  • Financial Modeling Utilized cutting-edge modeling techniques for accuracy and flexibility in financial projections.
  • Excel-Like Interface Designed a user-friendly Excel-like Plugin, ensuring a seamless transition and minimizing the learning curve for FP&A professionals.
Product Discovery & Design

Product Discovery & Design

MVP Development

MVP Development

Product Management

Product Management

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Impact & Outcome

Delivered Expected MVP Defining Clear Value Proposition, Prioritizing Features Strategically, and Performing Rigorous QA & Testing.

Validated Client’s Idea by Successfully Onboarding Real Customers.
Implemented Feature Enhancement Solutions Based on Customer Feedback.