KW Campaigns

A smart digital marketing solution exclusively for KW’s real estate agents to effectively create and manage campaigns.


Real Estate
Microservices Architecture
PHP (Laravel / Lumen)


Micro Frontend Architecture

React with Next.JS
MYSQL (Google Cloud SQL)
Kubernetes Infrastructure
Google KMS
Key Features

CRM Data Integration

Multi-Channel Campaign Creation
Automated Campaign Scheduling
Streamlined Campaign Management
User-Friendly Interface

A Brief About the Product

Keller Williams Realty is the world’s largest and most renowned real estate franchise, and KW Campaigns is a revolutionary addition to its CRM.

Designed for their vast network of about two Lakh agents, this innovative feature equips them with powerful tools to

Create & Manage Digital Marketing Campaigns

Enhance Engagement

Generate Valuable Leads

Elevate Their Online Visibility

Goals Set to Logiciel

Create An Integrated Digital Advertising Platform

That utilizes existing CRM data and provides flexibility to create campaigns for social media platforms, email, or physical postcards.

Develop An Automated Mechanism for Paid Ads & Organic Posts

Enabling agents to schedule campaigns and social media posts for upcoming weekly, monthly, or yearly events based on their needs.

Establish Streamlined Campaign Management & Tracking Processes

To not only prioritize quality leads but also optimize reach and cost efficiency through effective monitoring and analysis of campaign performance.

Simplify User Experience

Enable users to launch campaigns with just a few clicks, following a streamlined process. Additionally, provide pre-validated post templates to enhance engagement.


The Challenges

User-Friendly Platform: Simplifying Accessibility

While creating an intuitive interface for real estate agents with varying technical skills was tough, organizing user-specific data at various levels presented another hurdle.
Automation: From Listing to Lead Generation
Effortlessly automating property listings to lead generation posed a complex challenge. Achieving excellence required tackling intricate dependencies.
Campaigns Localization: Addressing Geographic Diversity
Simplifying campaign creation across diverse locations such as the US, Canada, and the rest of the world posed unique challenges due to varying social media terms and conditions.

Credential Management: Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Managing an extensive repository of social media credentials, numbering in the lakhs, posed a significant challenge. It was vital to protect sensitive data while ensuring robust encryption.

The Solutions


Designed User-Friendly Campaign Structure

To make the platform accessible to real estate agents with varying technical skills, we introduced a simplified structure. Fields were organized for different social media platforms, and tagging features were added for effortless data organization.


Streamlined Dependencies & Defined Guidelines

To achieve automation excellence, we streamlined dependencies by integrating various APIs and implementing mechanisms for pre-evaluating campaign parameters. We also provided detailed campaign guidelines for a unified, efficient system.


Implemented Microservices-Based Architecture

We adopted microservices for efficient role management, creating task-specific modules like payment gateways and lead processing. This modular approach streamlined task administration, ensuring agility to adapt to evolving business needs.


Utilized Key Management Service (KMS)

To address the challenge of managing a vast repository of social media credentials, we implemented the Key Management Service (KMS). As an additional layer of security, we established a routine key rotation process.


Ensured Compliance with Local Regulations

We managed compliance by using location-specific parameters and APIs for campaign creation. Additionally, we added a multilingual feature for agents’ convenience.

The Process


Product Discovery

The journey of delivering the KW Campaigns feature to Keller Williams Realty’s advanced CRM began with a comprehensive product discovery phase. 

Our team conducted an in-depth analysis to understand the behavior of different social media platform advertisement architecture. How they accept different parameters for the specific needs. 

This collaborative discovery process allowed us to define the project’s scope, objectives, and key performance indicators.



Planning and Strategy

In the planning and strategy phase, our team devised a roadmap for KW Campaigns that aligned with Keller Williams Realty’s business objectives.

Key Elements of our Strategy

User-Centric, User-friendly interface

We prioritized real estate agents’ needs, ensuring KW Campaigns catered to them. We used React for an intuitive front-end.

Seamless Integration

We planned for a smooth CRM integration, collaborating closely with existing systems.


Design and Development

Our team of experienced designers and developers collaborated to create the feature’s user interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. 

Simultaneously, we embarked on the development of the feature, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and best practices to build a robust, scalable, and automated platform.

The Technology Stack We Chose


React with micro frontend architecture

Back-End Microservices

PHP – Laravel/Lumen, Golang, Node.js, Python


MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

Cloud Services

Google Cloud Services

Implemented Microservices From The Beginning

We defined microservices for specific tasks, including payment gateways, campaign administration, and lead processing.


The Impact

The introduction of KW Campaigns to their advanced CRM brought about substantial and far-reaching outcomes.
Increased marketing efficiency with a significant reduction in time for campaign creation, management, and tracking.
Significantly enhanced lead generation and processing, contributing to a comprehensive improvement in KW’s marketing strategy.
High adoption rate within days, making it the preferred advertising tool among KW agents.
KW Campaigns seamlessly handled a substantial number of transactions, averaging $400K USD each, resulting in heightened productivity and profitability for Keller Williams Realty.