AWS – A Comprehensive & Easy to Use Platform

Making Cloud Computing More Flexible and Scalable

Ultimate AWS Experience

AWS is basically a computing platform that offers flexible and scalable cloud-computing solutions. This further includes on-demand operations like database storage, compute power and content delivery, etc. Businesses can now grow and scale their growth with the ultimate AWS services we provide. AWS Includes –

  • Compute Service
  • Database and Storage
  • Security Tools
  • Developer and Management Tools
  • Networking and Delivery of Content

The immense popularity of AWS has compelled enterprises to create apps for their staff in the office, at home, or on board. To ensure productivity, a consistent and reliable performance is the major prerequisite for the employees. 

We accelerate processes related to AWS backups, file transfers and migration to accentuate flexibility and save considerable costs. We also take care of security issues to avoid the network hiccups affecting productivity. From streamlining the processes for providing quick solutions to optimizing the usages of available infrastructure for increased productivity, we are a one-stop solution for all your cloud computing requirements.

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AWS Development Services


AWS is no doubt a great computing platform broadly adopted by global enterprises for reliable and flexible cloud computing solutions. But, It does come up with some challenges along with all the significant advantages and that is where our professionals could help you overcome those challenges with strategic computing solutions. Be it a single application or an enterprise SaaS software application requiring several AWS services, you can always count on our AWS certified experts.

AWS App Development

With a rapidly changing market landscape and growing consumer needs, businesses need to make sure that the apps they are developing are scalable and capable of adapting to the changes quickly. To do so they need to include modular architectural patterns and agile methodology in their app development processes. Our AWS app development solutions could help you create the most robust, scalable, and flexible applications using agile.

Cloud Security & Risk Management

From Detection, Infrastructure protection to data protection, AWS gets them all covered hence, known for delivering robust cloud security and risk management solutions. The AWS professionals we have at Logiciel are well-versed in AWS technical security architectures and all the other AWS security practises. In order to deliver enterprise-level security with greater risk management, we have included AWS security enterprise integration solutions in our offerings.

Implementation and Migration

It is a smart choice to migrate your business to AWS platform but only when you are doing it right. If you know how to do it right, great, go ahead with it. If not, you can reach out to us. Our AWS certified developers will not just ensure smooth and seamless Implementation and migration but also simplify and accelerate all your processes.

Advantages of Approaching Us for AWS

We bring forth excellent AWS solutions to help you overcome the stiff industry challenges. We bring the solutions you seek:


Superb Performance with Excellent Cloud Applications

Our motive is to deliver performance with the excellence of service, irrespective of the working. The cloud application works swiftly and consistently for all uses. We improve the performance with every input. With the quality of service, we mitigate network delays. We further streamline the data transmission to improve the quality of services.


Simplified Operations Across Hybrid Networks

We deploy a secure and efficient network to build worthy cloud applications. In this way, we use the SD-WAN solution to ensure application and data security. This further negates the need for deploying onsite resources. Now, you can deploy the global policies without being much involved in such things.


Get the Better Time to Value

We ensure the success of your projects by giving you a better value of time. The digital transformation of projects is now possible with effective plans. We accelerate the data transfer and migration to AWS. You can gain an insight into application usage and other dependencies to improve the overall performance.


Detect and Debug Problems Faster

Cloud and hybrid environments become more complex when it comes to isolating the source of delay on the trouble times. We deploy the best performance management system that makes the task easier for isolation. You can identify security issues in the reduced mean time to repair (MTTR).