Angular Development Services

Angular Development Services

Advanced Applications Specially Developed for all the Modern Requirements of Your Business.

Angular Development Company

A Brief Look at Angular

Including various modern UI components and an extended range of features, Angular is now at a far cry from its Initial incarnation. From AngularJS in 2009 to Angular 12 in 2021, this popular TypeScript-based web framework has evolved rapidly. In modern times, more than 70% of developers are leveraging it for creating advanced software applications. 

Furthermore, It lets you use HTML syntax to express your thoughts apparently and expressively while creating multi-user management systems and intricate enterprise-level applications. Angular has taught a new syntax to the browser as directives through a construct. Big brands like Google and Amazon continue to use Angular in a range of their applications. 

Our Angular Professionals strive to develop Intuitive, Scalable, and Efficient Applications with Modern Development Approaches 

Businesses are adopting it to overcome the challenges of creating dynamic web apps. Written in TypeScript, it offers enhanced security and being the latest version of AngularJS, Agular 12 eliminates all the complexities of the previous versions. Including modular design, Inbuilt APIs, and Angular CLI, It enables quick, flawless, and improved functionality of the application.

From interactive dashboard creation, video streaming apps development to fast, scalable, and smooth web applications, our skilled team of Angular Developers ensure to deliver you the most robust development solutions.

Here is why businesses prefer Angular app development

  • Sheer community forum.
  • Supported by Google.
  • A comprehensive modern UI. 
  • Code Consistency and Robust Ecosystem.
  • An improved algorithm for data binding.
  • Offer easy routing and navigation.
  • Code reusability ensures speedy development.

Angular Development Services

No matter whether you are a startup or an enterprise, our diverse range of solutions get all your unique needs covered. The Angular team we have at Logiciel work diligently and strategically to develop feature-rich and highly-functional applications that meet your expectations. 

Here is a quick insight into our reliable and dynamic Angular development services:

Custom App Development

Each client has some specific requirements and we own the expertise to deliver value and tangible results to them individually. Our Angular professionals develop industry-specific and client-centric software applications with modern approaches while enabling you to jump-start your digital transformation journey.

Widget and Plugin Development

Our developers create intuitive widgets and plugins that could adhere to your specific business needs. The ultimate motive of our tech elite is to enhance your app’s user experience with an interactive presence.

Angular Front-end Development

Bringing the best out of the clients’ requirements, our skilled Angular professionals develop modern and intuitive front-end applications for businesses of all sizes.

Migration and Upgrades

We enable you to easily migrate from one platform to adopt another one in a quick turnaround time. Our experts provide you complete assistance during the entire process of migration.

Support and Maintenance

With offering complete support and maintenance post development, we ensure flawless and high-performance of the application. The ultimate aim of the support team is to keep your digital presence away from any lack. 

Why Choose Angular

Involving the latest development trends, the updated version of Angular eliminates the need for unnecessary code and enables developers to create functional, interactive and dynamic web applications. Written in TypeScript – a language that is superscript for JavaScript, Angular not just ensures higher security but also makes way for a faster, readable and more expressive development environment. 

Furthermore, It makes testing extremely easy with module separation. While performing automatic testing efficiently, Angular enables you to load the necessary services quickly. 

Angular is filled with various amazing features that make it a great choice for developing web applications in the modern times. Here are the major benefits of Angular that make it an ideal choice for app development:

  • Improved readability with code consistency.
  • End-to-end unit testing makes testing easier and foster problem solving.
  • Engaging UX/UI interfaces with easy yet strong template syntax.
  • Streamlined processes of development and testing enable faster product launch. 
  • Incredibly adaptable and compatible with a wide range of libraries.  
Why Choose Angular

Our Services

We provide feasible Angular Development services that could prove worthwhile for your business. From individuals to full-fledged teams, you can avail our support in any form.

Dedicated and Hardworking Team

Our enthusiastic and hard working developers add more value to your business through their domain expertise.

IT Staff Augmentation

We create a completely integrated system to fulfill your requirements. Our Angular developers work as a catalyst for your projects to enable them to drive better revenue.

Software Outsourcing

With our domain expertise we offer complete custom software outsourcing as per your specific requirements and build end-to-end customer-centric solutions.

Why Us?

Delivering value through our technology solutions, we create result-oriented and scalable solutions for all our partners. Our dedicated tech professionals possess cross-industry experience and great domain knowledge that help them create reliable, high-performing, and high-end products.

Scalable Solutions

We create scalable solutions to contribute to your business growth. You can rely on our full-fledged web application development service to embrace your business presence.

Mobile Responsive

Our Angular developers create lightweight mobile responsive web applications. This JavaScript MVC Framework works effectively to manage the performance with API integrations

SEO Friendly SPA

Search Engine Optimization is crucial in the modern digital landscape. Hence, we make sure that your single page application is not just user-friendly but seo-friendly too.

Engaging UI/UX

We build intuitive and engaging websites with Intuitive UI/UX. The user interface looks visually appealing, duly stapled with numerous required functions and features.