Back End Development Solutions

An integral part of your SaaS Application’s success

Unmatched Back-end Solutions for Unparalleled SaaS Products’ Needs

Our backend solutions are not only based on the requirements of your SaaS application. More than that, it is about developing a coherent SaaS product that wins the trust of your clients and excels in user experience.

Backend performance for mobile apps

Our custom back-end service can take care of needs for registration, login, data access, and synchronization of your SaaS mobile app across varied platforms and devices.

Backend for the Frontend app

If you own an in-house frontend team to build an attractive user interface and are looking for capable backend support, we can be of much help.

Web API development

We help you to integrate your web application with other applications or third-party tools by creating and delivering an API layer for the same.

Unmatched Back-end Solutions

Are You Looking For Experienced Backend Web Developers?

Our custom application development solutions can be your best find to serve your purpose to get an intuitive SaaS product.

Value-Driven Back-end Development for Your Unique SaaS App

Value-Driven Back-end Development Service
Our technical proficiency gets you accomplished full-cycle backend support. From creating libraries to interacting with the database, our backend programmers carry the responsibility of overall data architecture. The backend services can be either functional or object-oriented.

Our programmers hence care to deliver an impactful and swift-performing solution with the latest methodologies and cost-effective performance. We adhere to the SLA requirements to deliver quick results with due attention to every piece of code.

API-First Backend Services

While abiding by the API-first approach, we make sure to treat your APIs as “first-class citizens”. Thus, through APIs, we build software that allows interactions. It helps in establishing communication between the applications without requiring the need to write code from the start. More importantly, with expert Representational State Transfer or REST API services, from our skilled backend development team, we let you know about the appearance of the API.

Increases Brand Awareness

Brilliant API access automatically publishes your brand to other channels. Thus, your once-created content appears to more customers than you could ever think.


Reduces Expense

API-First removes the need for different mobile back-ends for individual mobile operating systems. One can make it once and use it multiple times. This further reduces the overall cost.


Saves Time

Since API-First discards the need for repetitive tasks of development, we are able to save lots of effort and time.


Offers Scalable Application

API-First leads to server statelessness, which further helps the developers to enlarge the REST interface.


Upgrades the Capability

Integrating your API with the platforms makes your database more comprehensive, faster, and more effective.


Room for innovation

An open API gives sufficient room to the developers where they can try to perform tasks in new ways. They can further imply new technologies to come up with more powerful solutions.

Unparalleled Expertise

We own a sizable team of qualified and experienced experts to offer the best solution to your every query. Our backend developers give a cutting-edge solution with the unerring utilization of technology and efforts. We keep including the trends to evolve according to time. Some of the sharpest technologies we prefer for our clients include Laravel, Python, MongoDB, Golang and Solr-Elastic, etc.

Some of the latest technologies we are specialized in delivering services to our clients include Laravel, Python, MongoDB, Golang and Solr-Elastic, etc.

Mongo DB

Why Hire Logiciel?

We include various development processes and functions with a massive scope of growth. With the preferred programming language and structured custom app solutions, we bring the ultimate performance in building SaaS applications without any scope for clumsy code, bugs, etc. Among all the reasons, here are the most compelling aspects of our backend development service that are attracting clients across the globe.

  • Proficient Project Management Service
  • Impactful content performance
  • Custom REST API service
  • Test-driven development
  • Interactive and User-Friendly Performance
  • Maintained confidentiality with NDA
  • Technical proficiency
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Easy and comprehensive configuration
  • Accomplished backend development
  • Support and Maintenance service