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Fostering Small and Mid-Sized companies to develop a product that ensures their sustainability in today’s competitive market with greater scalability and security.

Enhance your Digital Capabilities

The growing popularity of technologies like cloud services and mobile applications has transformed the way people do business and look at growth opportunities. Today, when more and more organizations are finding ways to leverage the great benefits of emerging technologies, survival without them has become very difficult for businesses of all sizes – small, medium, or big.

When it comes to trending technological enhancement, Software Development is gaining huge popularity in the corporate world. Every other business is trying to develop software that can help them to stay competitive throughout all the segments of business processes Like operations, marketing, and sales. And, SMBs are no exception.

Yes, with so many small to medium size companies stepping into the race of implementing on-the-go marketing and leveraging new channels to influence a greater audience, software development is no longer limited to big enterprises.

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Our SMBs Development Solutions cater to all your business needs

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Software Development

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Web App Development

Ecommerce Consulting

Mobile App Development

DevOps Consulting

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Data Analytics Consulting

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How do We work?

Whether it is to develop your software from scratch, redesign the app, or accelerate your digital transformation, we always begin with an accurate understanding of the real project’s requirements.

After setting clear project goals based on the business needs, we define roles and responsibilities for every possible segment of the development process. To bring maximum innovation and value, our professionals always follow the best and proven practices for every phase: development, designing, and testing.

Our dedicated team leads make sure that the teams are well-equipped and well-aligned to complete all the tasks on time and that the development processes are moving in an expected direction. Our ultimate aim is to deliver a product that meets all the commitments we made to our partners when we initiated the process and make them extremely satisfied with the final output.

Why Logiciel?

We are recognized for our reliability and dedication to work. Besides this, you can consider us for the following three major segments:

Software Project Assessment


Want to validate your innovative idea or simply transform your app, approach us. Our experts will take you through the best possibilities as per your actual requirements.

Software Project Rescue

Product Development

Having years of experience, our tech professionals have gained an impeccable knowledge base for almost every potential development challenge.

Support & Maintenance

Redesigning App

Just want to upgrade your existing application or add a new feature/functionality, here we are for your specific business needs.

The Tech that Fits Your Needs

We at Logiciel understand that SMBs’ requirements are different from the established firms hence, we cater to your needs accordingly. Whether you want to adapt to the growing technologies, design new features for your app, or simply gain a competitive advantage through new software, we have got them all covered in our wide range of solutions.

The Tech that Fits Your Needs