Your Great Idea Needs A Great Start

Logiciel enables startups to pave their way for a full-fledged future in today’s competitive and ever-changing market right from inception with innovative and reliable solutions.

While starting everything from scratch, a startup needs to work really hard to make a sustainable presence in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. From planning budgets and analyzing market competition to value generation, the young companies have a lot on their plate. 

We at Logiciel help them ease their challenges and unlock the true potential of their innovative ideas by creating a strategic roadmap and implementing the right strategies and tech stack as per their unique requirements.  

At Logiciel, our main focus is on creating value-driven and customer-centric products that are sustainable in the constantly evolving market. With the advanced technology infrastructure and data ecosystem, we provide comprehensive software development services for startups that shape their innovative ideas into scalable and market-rich products or services.

Shaping your Innovative Ideas into Sustainable Products

We are aware of the project challenges faced by new entrepreneurs and startups so to ensure the best solutions to these challenges we keep our solutions flexible as per their specific needs.
The entire process of the startup product development application includes:
  • Determining your core business needs
  • Architectural designing of software
  • Developing mobile application
  • Cloud migration and expansion
  • We provide DevOps services
  • MVP designing and development
  • Agile prototyping and Proof-Of-Concept development services
  • Making analytics and Big Data solutions
  • We provide post-product delivery support to our clients

We Provide Services
at Every Stage

Idea Generation

Here in this very first stage, we understand the core of your business idea and identify the real problems we need to solve. Then after a good exercise of brainstorming and mind mapping, we bring the best possible solutions to the table as per your requirements.

Thorough Research

There is no shortcut to effective and analyzed research. We understand the great significance of good research hence, our team never underestimates the research phase. After conducting preliminary research and screening the business idea, we filter your idea thoroughly through a methodical approach to business research.

Concept Development

In this phase, we use a set of advanced practices to prioritize operational requirements and challenges and to create alternative concepts to meet the exact expectations of the clients. Our experts then share some of the best concepts with you and let you select the most preferred concept that is fully fleshed out into all of its standard elements.


Now that we have the best concept developed, the team starts creating prototypes with a comprehensive plan and blueprint for the process. This is where they transform the final concept into a more refined version with essential functionalities and test how your idea would actually work for real users after progressing to the mass-production phase.

Product Deployment

Now here comes the final stage of product delivery. Leveraging the best paradigms and methodologies as per your business requirements, our tech elite delivers a product that is built to meet your expectations as well as the evolving digital market needs. Our dedicated experts complete this development lifecycle process with the delivery of the comprehensive and scalable app you expected.

Services We Offer

At Logiciel, our experienced engineers are determined to deliver value-driven and innovative startup solutions that foster efficiency in your business processes and help you sustain in today’s competitive digital marketplace. The services we include are:



We help you to develop a prototype that lets you check your idea’s feasibility and impress your investors to get financial aid for the product.

Developing MVP

Developing MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a ready-to-use mobile or web application built to gather feedback from its users and improve the final product accordingly.

Product Redesigning

Product Redesigning

We help you fix issues in an existing system or product. To do so, we make the required changes to your current product, its design, codebase, etc. before moving forward with it.

Designing & Development

Designing & Development

While shaping the idea, we prepare an effective blueprint of the final design. Our team is well-versed in prototype designing that helps your product to enhance engagement and stay competitive.

Web Designing & Development

Web Designing & Development

We develop affordable, attractive, and result-oriented websites for our clients that intend to meet their expectations.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications for our clients that help them in building a strong brand value in the market and improve their customer experience.



Logiciel enables startups to gain enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability by accelerating their cloud migration process.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our team integrates Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning into your software system to simply enable you to deliver the best customer experience.

Startup Product Development Process

Startup Product Development Process

Validation & Ideation

We enlarge your startup concept and validate your idea and its potential to stand tall in the market.

Product Strategy

We provide our clients with superior product development strategies and guide them with the best possible technologies or approaches for their projects.

UX & UI Design

We define UX accurately and compile UI design with high-grade designing processes and practices.

Prototyping Tools

With excellent prototyping tools and practices, we check product design and workflows quickly.

Technology Consulting

Having great exposure to all the technologies, we are well-versed in almost all the major technologies hence, we could help you select the right and most-suited tech stack for your unique business idea.

Development Services

We resolve all software-related issues with our excellent knowledge of the latest technologies like Agile and DevOps.


If required, we also provide post-development maintenance support to our partners to make sure the developed product is functioning smoothly.