Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework for Startups

Laravel is the most popular and mature PHP framework for building your own web applications. It’s not for everybody, but it’s a great solution for most startups — especially when it comes to provisioning and scaling your production application.

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December 31, 2021

The software industry is evolving very fast thanks to the new advancement in technology every year. The need for a great customer experience is higher than ever. Today, it’s not just about providing a good and attractive project. Instead, a lot of many things matter, including the future aspect of the product, the framework it was based on, and the level of communication you’ve maintained with the client over the course.

Without a doubt, Laravel is one of the finest web development frameworks available in the market that has a great potential to give companies, especially startups an edge over their competitors.

The preferences of the customers are shifting as they have numerous options available in the digital market. Hence, the only way to make difference in today’s competitive landscape is to deliver more value and convenience to the customers in less time. And, that’s where Laravel stands with you in a supporting role. Let’s have a look at various great benefits of Laravel that makes it the best PHP framework for Startups:

Benefits of Laravel for Startups

Speedy Development

Startups usually want a speedy development process so they can evaluate their ideas as soon as possible and make improvements accordingly. And as Laravel comes with plenty of built-in features like routing, mail, authentication, sessions, etc., It could effectively increase the speed of their development processes.

Besides built-in features, The following attributes of Laravel also contribute to speedy development: 

Easy to Learn

The simple yet expressive, and elegant syntax in Laravel makes learning different aspects of the framework and the language not only easy but also fun. Even beginners or new programmers can learn and use the Laravel structure easily to facilitate their ongoing projects’ requirements and deliver solutions quickly. 

Strong Community Support

Laravel is an open-source technology and the community support It provides is one of a kind. The community is always there to help new learners and anyone who is stuck with coding complications.

Consisting of a large number of users mainly Laravel developers including new learners to experts, the Laravel community becomes a great place to learn, strive, and thrive. It is more like a huge knowledge base that enables developers to fix their coding challenges or get solutions for their doubts in minimal time.

Enhanced Security

The scale of your project can never define the amount of security it needs. As you know there are always hackers and middle-man lurking around to find a loophole in your product and inject malicious code. Whether you are a business behemoth or just a startup, a high grade of security is always your priority. Data intrusion attempts including cross-site forgery requests (CSFR) and SQL injections become ineffective against Laravel’s security features. As we all know, enhanced security promises a great deal of improvement in your customers’ credibility, Laravel could help you gain great credibility with higher security.

Authentication & Authorization

While authentication enables the system to identify its users through valid credentials, authorization allows the system to check the rights of its users over the requested actions. In more simple words, authentication refers to checking credentials’ validity of the users and authorization stands for checking the rights of the users over the resources.

As Laravel comes up with built-in packages, implementation of authentication and authorization become easier, you just need to enable these packages.

Built-in API Authentication

Most of the modern applications are single-page applications (SPA) and APIs play a significantly important role in these applications. Hence, API authentication becomes a crucial part of the development process today. Where other frameworks ask for a lot of work and effort in order to implement API authentication, Laravel offers built-in API authentication that can be easily enabled with no extra effort. 

CSRF Tokens

As we discussed above, the Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF) is a malicious technique of hackers to breach and steal crucial data of a website. Laravel provides powerful protection against CSRF by creating a “token” for each active user session managed by the application. 


Laravel basically uses two kinds of encryption technologies – AES-128 and AES-256 in the OpenSSL to provide developers with a very convenient way to encrypt their apps or websites. A Message Authentication Code (MAC) is signed for every value so that the other values can’t be modified. 


Hashing is all about transforming a password into a confusing mess of small pieces that can’t be turned back to the original password.  It is a kind of one-way password transformation that makes it impossible for unauthorized users to retrieve the hashed password.

Throttle Middleware

It is a kind of mechanism that enables rate limiting and prevents your system APIs from being overloaded with increased users requests. It helps you set a limit for the number of user requests for a particular period of time and If a user exceeds that limit, the server blocks that user request for a certain period of time which is also called the cooling period.  

Scalability & Acceptance

High Adoption Rate

Thanks to the security, performance, and credibility it offers, Laravel is becoming the most-adopted framework in the world. Be it shopping, arts & entertainment, Internet & telecom, business & industry, or any other business vertical, Laravel is quickly securing a safe spot in the heart of its developers. As a result, Laravel can be considered as one of the primary choices even for the budding startups that are currently struggling to go with a huge number of options.

Frequent Updates

Constant updates and frequent improvement is the thing that keeps Laravel ahead of its time. New features, benefits, and simplified interfaces are added or improved with each update.



Being an open-source technology, Laravel could enable you to minimize your product cost by saving on licensing and maintenance fees.

Another great thing about Laravel is your developers will get to learn from a huge knowledge base and collaborate with experienced Laravel professionals as it has amazing community support. Working with such experts will lead your team to make costly development mistakes.

Tons of Available Packages

Offering a wide range of Packages, Laravel enables access to all the features such as routing, migrations, tests, views that it provides to its host app. By selecting the right packages for your product development, you could save on your development cost. 

In the last few years, the number of companies and developers who use Laravel as their preferred platform has increased greatly in numbers. Many world’s most popular websites like Alison.com and Barchart.com are leveraging the Laravel framework for various great reasons. If we can define Laravel in three words, it will be – High Performance, Security, and Ease to Use.

Lakhwinder Singh

Team Leader

Specializing in Laravel, Lakhwinder has more than a decade of experience in the software development industry. Being a certified Laravel developer and holding an IT degree, Lakhwinder has good knowledge of all the technicalities to develop modern web applications. He gives a creative and focused approach to problems and always solves them with result-oriented solutions. We describe his personality as an entrepreneurial and a forward-thinker whose support in team management helps us to build quality-rich and scalable products.

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