Why AWS Is Your Best Startup Strategy

Whether its flexibility, agility, or cost efficiency, the world’s most popular and broadly adopted cloud platform AWS has almost everything a SaaS startup needs in modern times to sustain in the market. Undoubtedly, AWS is among the leading cloud hosting providers today but, what specific benefits your startup can expect from this comprehensive cloud solution. Here is the list

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December 16, 2022

The world of infrastructure changed for the good, when back in 2006 AWS decided to offer IT & Infrastructure services as Web Services, which later came to be known as Cloud Computing. AWS Pioneered it and is leading the way by big margins. With over 200+ fully featured services under its belt, there is hardly anything that you can’t accomplish with AWS today.

AWS is being used by businesses of all sizes across the world. From a few dollars a month to millions of dollars in infrastructure service costs; businesses of all scales rely on AWS for their infrastructure needs.

The AWS Advantage for Startups

  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Global Reach
  • Security and Compliance
  • Flexibility and Innovation
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Support and Resources

What specific benefits do you get when you choose AWS for your startup? Well! That’s what we plan to pen down for you in this post.

Start Small with AWS for startups

Lean startup is a very popular methodology for launching companies nowadays, and this strategy has proven itself. Everyone is adopting it. AWS helps you adopt this methodology on the infrastructure side.

You don’t need a big upfront investment that is associated with setting up your own on-premise infrastructure. You save both time & money. AWS allows you to pick and choose what you need today. Not tomorrow! Not far in the future but today. And knowing that you can scale it up at the click of a button when you need it in the future, feels nothing short of magic.

Cost benefits of Scale with AWS for startups

AWS is huge in every sense. The Scale AWS works on, is way beyond individual businesses’ reach. AWS is used by thousands of customers and that allows them higher economies of scale. That’s good news for you, as a startup, you get the benefit of that scale, because for you that directly translates into lower pay-as-you-go prices.

This low variable infrastructure cost can be a differentiating factor between a successful & failed startup.

Global Presence with AWS for startups

AWS is present in 27+ geographical regions and is expanding every year.

What happens when your business is a success and you are growing rapidly, looking to go global? Does your infrastructure support your business or it becomes a bottleneck? That’s an outcome you have to strategize for, beforehand.

With AWS you can start from a specific region and when the time comes, AWS makes it very easy for you to take your business to every corner of the world. That’s something startups could only dream of a decade back.

Wide selection of services with AWS for startups

AWS have the most number of services available and they regularly launch more of them each year in their annual event i.e AWS re:Invent. If you can think of an IT service which your startup may need, chances are AWS has it! And you get access to all of them with just one Signup.

And not only the sheer number, but the depth of customization they provide for each service is astonishing. Storage, Computing, Databases, Backups, Monitoring, Security, Machine Learning, and what not, AWS has solutions for every need a startup has.

Backup & Security with AWS for startups

AWS makes it very easy for startups to implement a backup strategy and recover from incidents which can have a disastrous impact on businesses. It also allows you to easily configure baseline security for your infrastructure.

As a startup, it’s important to have a decent security & backup strategy without going too deep into your pockets. That’s what AWS can help you with. You get access to security features that only enterprises with big pockets could think of earlier.

Funding & Credits by AWS for startups

AWS always have some programs running to help startups build, test, and scale their business and they would provide you with free tools, resources, content, and expert support to accelerate your startup at every stage

You can read more about their AWS Activate program here: AWS Activate

You can apply for up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits to help cover your AWS service usage. Right Credits and best-in-class personalized business support can be a launchpad for your successful startup.

Getting Started with AWS for Your Startup

If you’re considering using AWS for your startup, here are some steps to get started:

1. Create an AWS Account: Visit the AWS website and sign up for an account. You can take advantage of the free tier to explore the services without incurring charges initially.

2. Select the Right Services: Assess your startup’s needs and choose AWS services that align with your goals. AWS offers a wide range of services, so select the ones that best suit your business model.

3. Leverage AWS Activate: If you’re eligible, consider joining the AWS Activate program for startup-specific benefits and resources.

4. Explore Documentation and Tutorials: AWS provides comprehensive documentation and tutorials to help you learn and make the most of its services.

5. Engage with the Community: Join AWS forums and communities to connect with other startups and get insights from experienced AWS users.


There was a time when startups used to be at a disadvantage because they didn’t have the infrastructure capabilities & budget to compete with established businesses, and that limited their success rate for a good period. But that has changed now and cloud services have leveled the playing field by providing world-class infrastructure services to everyone. Almost a million small and mid-sized companies are using AWS as their choice of cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as a trusted partner for startups, providing the infrastructure and support needed to turn ideas into successful businesses. With its cost-efficiency, scalability, and innovative capabilities, AWS empowers startups to focus on what they do best—innovating and growing in today’s dynamic business landscape. If you’re embarking on a startup journey, AWS might just be the tech partner you’ve been looking for to help you reach new heights.


Ankit Kumar

Solution Architect

Ankit is an AWS certified Solution Architect holding more than a decade of experience in the software development Industry. Whether it’s evaluating the technical needs of startup projects and suggesting the right technologies accordingly or developing and improving our technical solutions to shape the long-term vision of enterprise applications, Ankit has always proved himself to be one of the best tech leaders in the industry with validated technical skills and cloud expertise. Possessing a master's in Information Technology (IT) and having his technical career started early during higher studies, he has been remarkably groomed in all the segments of software development - from planning to designing and testing including all the tech stacks and architectures. Holding great technical and management skills he becomes an all-rounder. If not working, he likes to read industry news, about new technologies, or anything that enhances his knowledge base and grows his overall capabilities.

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