Dedicated Development Team

Our unparalleled process of building, grooming and managing a team of software engineers, has consistently proven to be a great asset for our prestigious clients. Ensure large scale deliveries with our highly talented and skilled development teams.

While you choose our dedicated team outsourcing model, you will get self-managed and completely dedicated professionals. Our team integrates itself into your processes to simplify your development tasks and works in tandem with your in-house team as an additional workforce. With our assistance, we also set you free from bearing the management and recruitment hassles.  

We anticipate long-term cooperation with your organization to give an effective lift to your software development capabilities. Further, the timely expertise of our dedicated and easy-to-manage development teams help to reduce your operating cost and mitigate the risks.

IT Outsourcing: Dedicated Team Model

With No Team Management Hassles, You Get Complete Hold of Your Project

Our assembled team will work dedicatedly at your end while enabling you to retain complete ownership and control on the progress of your project. So you don’t have to worry about skill upgradation and other related issues, we would continue to manage and groom the team in our endeavour to deliver better.

The Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated team will equip you with intelligent and experienced developers that can understand and deliver your project as per your specific requirements. To consistently deliver on this promise, our teams perform certain key roles to ensure success for your project:

The Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

Solution Architects

A solution architect evaluates your business problem and determine how it can be best resolved by leveraging technologies.

Frontend Developers

These professionals work on coding and verifying the user interface components and functionality of the project.

Backend Developers

From database management to running background processes, the backend developers focus on building all types of backend components in a core business logic.

UI/UX Designers

When it comes to giving an appealing, intuitive yet simplistic design to a product, you can trust our seasoned and skilled UI/UX designers.

QA Engineers

These experts serve the responsibility to arrest defects in the project development lifecycle. They are in a sense, the primary custodians of production releases and hence put the best efforts to ensure its optimal quality.

DevOps Engineers

These experts team up with the developers & QA engineers to improve the operations, development and testing processes through sound coordination.

Project Managers

Responsible for managing the entire development team, the project managers have a key role to play in every phase of the development lifecycle including project initiation, planning, designing, execution, launch and monitoring.

Business Analysts

These professionals act as a bridge between the IT and business teams. In the run, they serve vivid tasks such as requirement finding, process evaluation, report execution, and so on.

Dedicated Team Model vs. Fixed Price Model

After the dedicated team model and the time & materials models, fixed-price is the third most widely embraced business engagement model. Here is how it differs from the immensely popular dedicated team model.

Dedicated Team

Are you looking to hire a development team for a long-term project? Does it have a heavy scope for changes and has unclear requirements? Do you lag behind in appropriate in-house resources to work on the project? If yes, then you should opt for the dedicated team model. It has a monthly-based pricing structure depending on the size of the team.

It indicates

  • The partner manages the team and has a open channel for the feedback on the work done
  • The partner is responsible to stitch together a best fitting team based on skillset and experience for your specific requirements.
  • The dedicated team coordinates with you to discuss the project development workflow including the schedules and deliverables.


  • Scope for enhanced scalability and flexibility during project development and delivery.
  • Quicker workflow as compared to other models.
  • The team works dedicatedly on the specific project.
  • A cost-effective and better option than hiring an in-house staff.


  • Suits the best for long-term projects only.
  • Limited hold on the project development.

Fixed-price Model

Do you have a short-term project with limited, small or mediocre scope? If yes, then a Fixed-price business engagement model would suffice your requirement the best. Also termed as the fixed budget model, it requires the development company and the client to mutually agree on a fixed project cost. Opting for this model will require the client to pay a predefined amount irrespective of the resources or time required for project completion.

It indicates

  • It requires to document a well defined clear scope of work to be developed.
  • It calls for specifying the criteria for deadlines and performance before starting any work.


  • With the pricing issue sorted out right before the beginning of the development, there remains no scope for hidden cost.
  • No scope for delayed project delivery due to the predefined workflow, mutually agreed by the client and the development team.
  • Supervision of the project manager leaves next to negligible involvement of the client.


  • Compliance monitoring and minimal control over the project lead to enhanced risks regarding the expected outcomes.
  • Lesser communication between the two parties.
  • Difficult to go Agile with this approach

When Should You Opt For the Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team model suits most of the projects owing to the scalability and flexibility it offers. Below are the instances in which this project engagement model fetches the best result:

  • Long-term projects having larger scopes and significant modification needs.
  • One-time technical project for which, hiring an in-house team would not be justified
  • Overburdened in-house team, already working on several other projects.
  • In-experienced in-house team that lags behind in the requisite project expertise.
Opt For Dedicated Team Model
We help to Set Up a Dedicated Team

Setting Up a Dedicated Team

Hiring our dedicated team model works in the favor of your project as we care to choose only the best professionals. The steps for the same are as follows:
    • We communicate with you to understand your project’s scope
    • We allocated engineers to start working on your project
    • Depending upon the scale, we then allocate engineering manager followed and resources in other roles as needed
    • We build a focussed roadmap using the best tools and technologies to accomplished the project goals


    We Ensure Digital Acceleration

    We carry out quick reengineering processes to safeguard your business from future challenges. This helps us to perform scalable operations that could ultimately leave behind maximum positive impact.

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