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A web application is a kind of computer application that runs over a web browser and behaves like a mobile application when accessed on smartphones. However, they are not the same entirely. While developing web apps developers have to follow a certain standard as they are mostly created with a mix of the server-side script such as PHP and client-side script like HTML/Javascript.

Since web apps are not platform limited, they can be easily accessed over all the major platforms leveraging a web browser. Some great examples of web apps are Google Docs and Trello, both of them enable businesses to transfer data quickly and collaborate effectively. Similar to custom websites, custom web apps are also tailored to the specific and unique needs of businesses. But, yes, they are slightly more sophisticated than web apps.

Both web apps and custom web apps have their own significance and we at Logiciel have a good understanding of the minor to major differences between both of them. And, that is why we are able to deliver the products that exactly meet the expectations of our partners.

Our dedicated team of web app developers knows how to embrace the best of advanced front-end and back-end technologies and develop cutting-edge cross-platform web apps that are value-driven and result-oriented.

Augment skilled IT Staff with Logiciel

Our Custom Web Application Development Solutions Include

ReactJS Web Development Service

SaaS Apps Development Solutions

The SaaS experts we have at Logiciel enable you to create multi-platform, highly secure, and functional web apps that help you serve your customers better.

ReactJS Web Development Service

Front-end Development Solutions

We develop advanced single-page web apps using the dynamic and reusable components of advanced libraries like React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js.

ReactJS Web Development Service

Progressive Web Apps Development Solutions

Building fast, engaging, and reliable web applications while combining the best of native applications and the best of websites.

ReactJS Web Development Service

Backend & Node.js Development Solutions

Building data-driven real-time web apps that offer enhanced scalability and flexibility to integrate data and run it across distributed devices securely.

ReactJS Web Development Service

eCommerce Web Apps Development Solutions

To develop more functional and efficient eCommerce web apps, we only use enhanced technologies and frameworks like JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

ReactJS Web Development Service

Enterprise Custom Web App Development

Manage all your business processes effectively and efficiently with our web-based app development solutions specially customized to your unique needs.

Benefits of Working with Logiciel

Our professionals have years of experience in the software service and product development industry hence they have a huge and dynamic knowledge base that includes traditional to new-age tech practices. Our tech elite strives to deliver the best possible solutions that are quality-rich and result-driven and offer maximum satisfaction to our partners.

1. Progressive Web Applications Using Modern Frameworks

With having a decade of existence in the software development sector, Logiciel has delivered satisfying experiences and solutions to several industries across the globe. Whether it’s transforming legacy systems through strategic planning or developing a full-fledged digital platform from scratch, we have always fulfilled all our commitments. Therefore, we have succeeded to gain a loyal customer base.

2. Structured and Well Analyzed Approaches for Development

While developing web applications for our partners, we make sure to follow all the standard industry norms and adhere to the updated Google algorithms.

3. Great Front-end Leads to Great User Experience

User experience may depend on various factors but, it majorly lies on what kind of experience users get on your app? Hence, our frontend team ensures that your app delivers an enhanced and engaging user experience.

4. Experience that Reflects in Our Work

The huge experience we have leads us to perfection. From consultation to development, and deployment, our professionals guide you with the best suggestions.

Our Approach to Develop Web Apps Using Agile


Sprint Planning

It is a collective planning practice, we understand that hence, we always have a collaborative discussion for almost every sprint to set clear scopes.


Tech Architecture

Splitting the deliverables into small independent microservices, we make sure that all the phases are progressing faster and as expected.


Weekly Demos

We consider weekly demos to have more clear reviews and look at the actual progress made every seven or ten days.


Code Reviews

We follow the code review approach before launch to make sure there are no challenges in coding and we can run them without any doubt.