Laravel: 10 Outstanding benefits for App development

Laravel is a web framework that makes it easy to create database-backed applications. This makes Laravel an ideal choice for creating your next app, no matter what type of business you’re in. know the top 10 benefits of Laravel.

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August 27, 2021

If you have been working or connected to the world of web development, PHP must sound familiar to you. It is basically a general-purpose and server-side programming language that has been the flowing energy of the world of web development for quite a few years. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor nowadays while it was earlier known as the personal home page.

Laravel is a web framework and developers around the globe use it to build websites and applications. It runs on PHP and saves the developers a large amount of time by offering some pre-built elements that would otherwise consume a large amount of time.

Why is Laravel the Best PHP Development Framework?

As we’ve discussed, PHP is a scripting language that is used on a very large scale. Therefore, a high number of frameworks are present in the programming landscape that supports PHP. Even though some of those frameworks promise a variety of subtle features and usability features, many of the developers come back to Laravel.

Getting stars on Github is tough and Laravel already has more than 51,200 stars there which hints at its capabilities. Laravel offers amazing features with great flexibility and this combo is rare to find in most of the frameworks of PHP. Other than this Laravel gives you pretty good reasons to pick it up over other PHP frameworks, have a look:

Easy to Understand

Laravel is very simple to understand and yet it envelops extraordinary features and security. Just after a basic understanding, a developer will be able to make a 5-page web application just after a few hours of continuous work.

Open Source: Free for All

There is always a big list of advantages connected to anything that says – Open Source. It suggests that it is not only free for everyone to learn and develop but it is also managed by a huge community of developers which enables Laravel to handle large and complex web applications with absolute ease.

A Global Favorite

One amazing thing about Laravel is – it is a global favorite. From small to large-scale organizations, every entity uses it. And all thanks go to its unique capability of handling large-scale projects with extreme ease. With Its clean and reusable code, Laravel enables developers to simplify their development processes. No doubt why most of the developers prefer Laravel among all the other PHP frameworks.

MVC (Model-View-Controller) Support

MVC (model-view-controller) architecture is one of the best so far and Laravel supports it. MVC architecture is known to improve the performance of any web application by high leaps. It is also easy to understand because of its clear and brief documentation process.

Model-View-Controller MVC Support

Community Support

As discussed above, there’s a huge community of developers who either uses or improves the Laravel framework 24X7. That means, if you get stuck with a problem during your development, you can just ask about it to a fellow developer on a forum. Since you won’t be the first one to encounter that certain problem, someone will step ahead to help you out.

A Great Deal of Security

Laravel also provides an excellent deal of security when it comes to SQL injections, broken authentication, sensitive data exposure, broken access control, and security misconfigurations.

Artisan Console

Artisan is the name of Laravel’s own command-line interface. When it comes to publishing package assets, developing new models, migrations, and controllers, managing database migration, and doing a lot of other stuff, Artisan makes it easy. By developing new custom commands, one can even enhance the capabilities of Artisan.


A unit test is by default provided in Laravel which makes the process of testing very convenient. The unit test automatically tests and detects possible regressions in the code. PHP unit integration with Laravel can also be carried out with extreme ease. One of the prime reasons that makes Laravel such an ideal and popular choice for the development is, It enables developers to run various unit testing through it that cuts down the requirement of performing explicit testing for a complete assessment of the system performance.

Built-in Authentication and Authorization

Built-in Authentication and Authorization Feature
Laravel can be termed as the world’s best PHP-supported framework when it comes to providing extraordinary configuration for Authentication and Authorization. It offers a number of artisan commands at your disposal to make your applications highly authenticated and secure.

Task Scheduling

Task Scheduling is a very handy feature to program the scheduling of periodically executed tasks. It was first introduced in Laravel 5.0 and is an extension to Laravel’s Artisan command line unit.

Official Packages of Laravel

a) Cashier
It was first introduced in Laravel 4.2. It is widely used in subscription-based services that require periodic payments. Moreover, it has substantial uses in handling coupons and generation invoices as well.

b) Socialite
It was introduced in Laravel 5.0. This feature is widely used in the world nowadays and like everyone uses it to log in to a number of social sites like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Laravel does it by providing an authentication mechanism for these websites.

c) Passport
This function is used for authentication. OAuth server is used by it via its own API. The API uses a token that authenticates the user while the server implementation is provided by Laravel’s Passport.

d) Scout
These features of Laravel make the full-text search facility very easy. To do so, it uses various Eloquent models. The default driver used in Laravel is Angola while the user has the authority to choose other drivers if they want.


By looking at the amazing capabilities of Laravel, we can say that there hasn’t been a better PHP framework than Laravel. Developers and software companies around the globe know Laravel for its outstanding compatibility and capabilities when it comes to features, ease of access, and security.

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